Big Oaker gets his wish: Out of county

LISBON — An Operation Big Oak defendant who was involved in the assault of another inmate at the county jail, pleaded guilty Monday to the charge of complicity to felonious assault.

Curtis J. Dunnings, 28, of Canton, was sentenced to six years in prison, but the time will run concurrently with a prison sentence Dunnings is serving in connection to the Operation Big Oak case, as well as a lengthy prison sentence through Cuyahoga County of 10 years for felonious assault with a firearms specification.

Dunnings, who also goes by the name of Curtis Black, was charged with both complicity to aggravated robbery and complicity to felonious assault following the assault and robbery of commissary money from Joshua B. Peterson on April 17, 2018. Court documents stated Dunnings aided or abetted Nicholas J. Voigt, Antuan Parker, Christian R. Barrow, also known as 2-1, Keith Dishler and Antonio C. Fleming, also known as Ya-O, in the robbery, which led to Petersen being hospitalized with injuries including a broken nose.

Assistant County Prosecutor Ryan Weikart said Dunnings was more involved as someone encouraging the actions of the others by “egging them on.” Additionally, Weikart said Dunnings is currently being investigated in connection to another incident that recently happened at the county jail.

Dunnings indicated to his defense attorney, Joseph King, he is eager to return to the Lake Erie Correctional Institution and so he requested immediate sentencing on Monday after pleading before Common Pleas Judge Scott Washam.

“I would like to thank my attorney for the hard work he put into this,” Dunnings said prior to his sentencing. “I would also like to thank the prosecutor for coming up with a good plea agreement for me… The situation that happened was senseless and could have been avoided in numerous different ways.”

In April 2018, Dunnings was sentenced here to three years in the Operation Big Oak case after pleading guilty to three counts of aggravated trafficking in drugs for buying and selling fentanyl.



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