Center Township

Peggiann Arnoto, et al, to Bank of New York, home on Black Road (foreclosure); $33,300

Marylin Young to Cheryl Powell, manufactured home and property on Lisa Lane; $30,000.


Steven Floyd, trustee, to Nulf Drive Properties, commercial property (Tiger Pack) at 136 Nulf Drive; $550,000

East Liverpool

Amanda Rice to Daniel Adkins, home on Riley Avenue; $25,000

Fairfield Township

William and Dorothy Keen to Eric and Abby Gustafason, home and 7.4 acres on state Route 558; $115,000

Hanover Township

Kevin Coleman to Nathan and Penny Maley, 20 acres on Sanor Road; $150,000

Kevin Coleman to Nathan and Penny Maley, home on Sanor Road; $25,000

Heather and Richard Brewer II to Gary Eichler, home on Parkview Drive; $59,400

Linda Beadnell to George and Sharon Farnsworth, home on Main Street; $39,600

Mitchell McGuire to Bobbie Stutler and Matthew Vickroy, home and 1.5 acres on Haessley Road; $118,500

Knox Township

Sharon Deckerd to Kyle and Samantha Sammons, home on Heritage Drive; $129,000


Bruce Jeffries and Steve Schmidt to Mitch and Sandy Medved, two-family home on Somer Street; $58,500


JP Morgan Chase Bank to Sandra House, home at 135 Morton St.; $23,105

Jeff and Donna Vollnogle to Shawna Oller, home on East High Street; $72,000

Robert Hayward to Justin and Katelyn Gloeckner, home on West Lincoln Way; $185,300

Liverpool Township

Mimi Tambellini, et al, to Cody Lynskey, vacant property on Zenith Court; $40,000

Nancy Wittmeyer to Richard and Debra Putnam, home on Elysian Way; $139,900

Shirley Chadman, et al, to Donald Cramer, home on Azalea Avenue; $40,000

Middleton Township

William Beadnell to Paul Conkle, lots on Mohican and Navajo trails; $2,000

Karen Johnson, et al, to J Bailey Holding LLC, 34 acres on Scott Mill Road; $125,000

Constance Finney to Richard and Jennifer Zehentbauer, vacant lot of Moala Cave; $1,000

Perry Township

Mark Headland to Dorothy Keen, condominium on South Lincoln Avenue; $150,501

Bradlee and Courtnee Nelson to Anthony and Katherine Dellamaggiore, home on Colonial Drive; $182,500


Janet Bezon, et al, to The Tire One Group, home on South Madison Avenue; $90,000

Abbie Mountz to Lindsay Winn, condominium on East 10th Street; $67,000

Cathy Price and Marylou Foster to Scott Bettis, home on Fair Avenue; $48,000

Scott and Kristi Koffel to Kristen Culler, home on West 10th Street; $93,000

Salem Township

Beverly and Curtis Mosher, trustees, to Tammy Mitchell, home on Foxden Drive; $320,000

St. Clair Township

ARG BE23PROP02 LLC to AFN ABSPROP001 LLC, Bob Evans restaurant on Dresden Avenue and 1.5 acres; $2.34 million.

Tim and Tammy McGeehan to Adam and Hope Davis, home on Winston Drive; $198,000

Brandon and Sabrina Renner to Heidi and Daniel Bourne II, home on Clifton Avenue; $150,000