LISBON — In County Municipal Court, Sarah Lynn Hudson, 30, West Pershing Street, Salem, was bound over to the grand jury for a burglary charge. Hudson is accused of entering the home of Grayson Anderson, uninvited, making food and going to sleep in a bed. When awaken later, Hudson reportedly had an odor of alcohol about her and said she was there because she wanted to eat and get some rest.

A July 15 preliminary hearing and pretrial was set for Matthew J. Sharp, 38, Oak Street, Leetonia, cited with unauthorized use of a motor vehicle and theft for allegedly taking a grandfather clock and a vehicle from am Oak Street, Leetonia, home without permission.

A July 11 pretrial was set for David G. Parker, 60, Unity Line Road, New Waterford charged with domestic violence. Parker is accused of grabbing Loria Parker by her arms and facing, pushing her outside and off the deck twice on Sunday.

Todd A. Kolodziej, 46, Monaca, Pa., waived extradition so he can be returned to Pennsylvania where he has a warrant for a failure to appear for a dangerous drug charge in Butler County, Pa. He was fined $100, credited with five days served and sentenced to an additional five days in jail for resisting arrest for fighting with Wellsville police officers on Thursday.

Michele Marie Wertz, 53, South Main Street, Columbiana, was sentenced to 120 days in jail, had her license suspended for seven years and fined $1,000 for OVI refusal with prior within 20 years.

Bette Newbury, 61, West Pittsburgh, Pa., was fined $700, had her license suspended for a year, required 30 hours community service and ordered to attend a three-day counseling program for OVI first offense and marked lanes.

An Aug. 26 pretrial was set for Walker J. Trayes, 23, Quincy Avenue, Columbiana, cited with OVI first offense and left of center.

A Sept. 24 pretrial was set for Douglas A. MacDuff, 71, West Pidgeon Road, Salem, cited with OVI first offense.

A July 15 pretrial was set for Devin E. Baker, 34, McClure Road, East Palestine, cited with fleeing and failure to comply for allegedly fleeing into Pennsylvania to try to avoid a traffic stop in East Palestine on June 16.

An Aug. 15 pretrial was set for Jamie L. Beery, 42, Columbus, charged with assault for allegedly pushing Rebecca Carrocce several times on Sunday, before pushing here to the ground and punching her at least five times in the head.

Derek Steven Lee Green, 29, Main Street, Kensington, was fined $350 and required 40 hours community service for driving under suspension, hit skip and failure to control.

Ryan M. Thompson, 37, East Lincoln Way, Lisbon, was fined $300, credited with 13 days in jail, sentenced to an additional 107 days in jail and required 40 hours community service for aggravated menacing and criminal mischief for punching the side of a Chevy Impala owned by Rebecca Thompson and threatening to blow her car up with her in it on June 23.

Duane Barnes, 49, North Middle Street, Columbiana, was fined $250 and credited with eight days in jail for assault for punching and kicking Homer Carnes Sr. on Dec. 26. An aggravated menacing charge against Barnes, for allegedly telling Mildred Iler on Feb. 24 he was going to her home to assault her and she better get a protection order that night because the next day would be too late, was dismissed.

Corbin C. Detwiler, 37, Highland Avenue, Rogers, was fined $180 and required 25 hours community service for driving under suspension, expired registration and a seat belt violation.

Julie B. Mullan, 38, East Ohio Avenue, Sebring, was fined $200 for theft for shoplifting $127 in merchandise from Walmart in Salem on Feb. 1.

Brennenn Wayne Eddy, 30, Bentleyville, Pa., was fined $180 and required 25 hours community service for driving under suspension and a seat belt violation.

Charles E. Weyand III, 19, U.S. Route 62, Beloit, was fined $100 for drug paraphernalia.

Jaron D. Martin, 26, Youngstown, was fined $130 and required 25 hours community service for driving under suspension and a traffic control device violation.

A Sept. 10 pretrial was set for Robert James Crespo, 32, Roberta Road, Leetonia, cited with driving under suspension.

A Sept. 9 pretrial was set for Rachel L. Kennedy, 37, Girard, cited with possession of a schedule four controlled substance for allegedly having six and a half pills.

An Aug. 19 pretrial was set for Cody Rob Davis, 20, state Route 14, East Palestine, cited with drug paraphernalia for an alleged glass pipe on Sunday.

A Sept. 10 pretrial was set for Charles P. Ward II, 19, Crestview Road, Columbiana, charged with criminal damaging for allegedly putting a dent in the wall under the drive up window at DP Fuels on June 20.

A Sept. 10 pretrial was set for William K. Allender, 52, Amsterdam, cited with driving under suspension.

Ainsley F. Talbot, 21, Y and O Road, Wellsville, was fined $100 for possession of marijuana.

Doris A. Vega, 25, Austintown, was fined $100 for wrongful entrustment.

Charlene A. Sonda, 63, Solon, was fined $50 for failure to move left for a public safety vehicle.

Timothy W. Howard, 18, Conser Drive, Salem, was fined $50 for speeding.

A driving under suspension citation against Christopher L. Sutcliffe, 35, Diamond, was dismissed.