Youngstown man charged with drug trafficking counts

LISBON — Matthew S. Cochrane Jr., 21, Youngstown, was served a secret indictment for charges of trafficking in heroin, trafficking in cocaine, possession of heroin and possession of cocaine. The charges contain four specifications for forfeiture of money in a drug case and four specifications for forfeiture of property. On April 17, Cochrane allegedly diacetylmorphine heroin and crack cocaine for sale when he also had $4,730 and gemstones believed derived from the commission of felony drug offenses. Due to the amount of heroin, the heroin related charges are third-degree felonies.

Joy Dunlap, 51, West Clark Street, East Palestine, was served a secret indictment charged with illegal use of supplemental nutrition assistance program benefits or WIC program benefits and Medicaid fraud. Court documents claim starting in early August 2017 through Aug. 31, 2018, Dunlap allegedly was utilizing assistance programs without the privilege to do so.

Both indictments were issued by the grand jury in June.