Butler Township

Michael and Shirley Phillips to Lynn M. Furlong, home on Winona Road; $60,000.

Center Township

Sabrina M. Duff to Kody B. Weinstock, home on state Route 45; $124,500.


Monica Lynn Robb Irrevocable Trust to John or Shalynn Yenges, home on Canterbury Court; $330,000.

Cass Zimmerman, et al, to Chester and Irene Inboden, home on Bittersweet Drive; $177,000.

Chester and Irene Inboden to Lorraine T. Cresanto, home on Sixth Street; $154,000.

Jason Edward McNee to Kenneth R. Perkins, condo on Timberline Drive; $148,000.

East Liverpool

Betty Ilene Rayle to Robert and Joseph Yoho, home on Park Boulevard; $155,000.

Jeffrey or Julie Kreefer to Scott J. Kreefer, home on St. Clair Avenue; $112,500.

Fairfield Township

Phyllis L. George to Nancy and Samuel Stiffler, 24.35 acres of cash grain or general farm land on Unity Line Road; $280,000.

Kenneth and Alice Vollnogle to Jesse R. Thompson, mobile home on state Route 7; $35,000.

Hanover Township

Laverne P. Wilson to Robert C. Gause, mobile home on Votaw Boulevard; $18,800.

Knox Township

Terry and Norma Blickensderfer to Loren or Peggy Shaver, agricultural vacant land on Bowman Road; $40,000.

Terry and Norma Blickensderfer to Ronald or Lauren Kehl, agricultural vacant land on Bowman Road; $40,000.

Titus and Lisa Miller to Steven L. Yoder, 20 acres of agricultural vacant land on Bandy Road; $120,000.


Jerry and Deloris Young to Troy Coleman, home on Pearl Street; $184,900.

Madison Township

William and Jeraldine Shields to Damien N. Saracco, home on state Route 45; $2,000.

Peggy L. Horoszko to Danielle Harris, home on Y&O Road; $50,500.

Middleton Township

Martha or James Reich to Aaron M. Fraser, 2 acres of residential vacant land on Adams Road; $3,000.

Edward L. Lipp to Howard Yonkovich, home on Quay Road; $20,000.

Harold and Karen Hopkins to Barbara and David Wax, mobile home on Scott Mill Road; $86,500.

Perry Township

Anthony and Angela Maroni to Richard and Debra Kimball, home on Hampton Place; $238,000.

Debra and Charles Higgins to Dennis K. Ulrich, condo on Canterbury Lane; $60,000.

Richard or Kaitlyn Gibson to James R. Casino, home on Andrew Avenue; $118,000.

Kristen and Curtis Holzer to William Charles Mutchler, home and residential vacant land on Apple Street; $109,900.


David C. Vandyne to Angela Maroni, home on East Ninth Street; $135,000.

Benjamin or Gabrielle Jamison to Adam or Jamie Regula, home on Home Circle; $115,000.

Union Properties LLC to Andrew or Dawn Hart, home on Oak Street; $121,900.

Tina Mastrantonio to Robert and Amy Trummer, home on Cedar Street; $26,400.

Ileana M. Briceland, trustee, to Terrence J. Fink, home on Oak Street; $101,000.

Rebecca S. Franks to George S. Wilson, home on Jennings Avenue; $200,000.

Chad M. Zines to William and Lynsi Beagle, home on East Eighth Street; $111,000.

Salem Township

James W. Porter to Kevin J. Boyle, home on Orchard Street; $40,000.

Robert V. Sterling to NEO Group 1 LLC, home on Conkle Road; $50,000.

Herbert and Cynthia Shultz to Rodney and Mary Fry, home on Apple Ridge Road; $375,000.

Roxanne L. Cope Trust to Charles T. Grubbs, trustee, agricultural vacant land on Longs Crossing Road; $190,000.

St. Clair Township

James and Melissa Davis to Lakeview Loan Servicing LLC, home on Gipner Avenue; $24,000.

Kenneth or Linda Devore to Kenneth B. Devore Jr., home on Cannons Mills Road; $7,500.


George or Tina Anderson to Trumanna Properties LLC, home on Main Street; $20,000.

Grant Wilson, et al, to Robert K. Hendricks, trustee, home on Main Street; $15,000.

Wayne Township

William C. Wright to US Bank National Association, home on Seigler Road; $40,000.


Justin or Danielle Adkins to Wellsville Opportunity LLC, home on Main Street; $15,000.

Joseph G. Pappas to Wellsville Opportunity LLC, home on Main Street; $30,000.

Bishop of the Diocese of Youngstown to Wellsville Opportunity LLC, .65 acres of other commercial structures on Riverside Avenue; $58,000.

Jay Pappas to Thorn Professional Training LLC, side lot on Washington Street; $3,000.

West Township

Karen S. Jackson to Philip or Vonda Dee Gesama, home on Yoder Road; $299,000.

Donald and Kathleen Begue to Ray and Barbara Davis, home on Lippincott Road; $137,500.

Cloverleaf Holdings Ltd to Harold E. Davis III, home on Bayard Road; $88,000.