Thorns for the Leetonia man (term used loosely) who, according to witnesses, purposely drove his truck over two pet ducks, killing them, in the Columbiana McDonald’s parking lot. He disputes this, claiming it was an innocent mistake. Yet he did not stop after admittedly running over the ducks. Animal cruelty charges were pending as this was written. Compounding the tragedy is that one of the ducks, Sophia, had recently laid a dozen eggs which were not expected to survive. Here’s a thought on a suitable form of punishment:?have him do some time at the pond at Memorial Park in Salem scraping all of the duck crap off the walkways. With a toothbrush, while on his hands and knees.

Thorns to the noise annoyances that comes with warm weather. Such as motorcyclists who excessively – it almost seems deliberately – rev their bikes while in our downtown. Especially at intersections. Stand on the corner of the State and Lincoln intersection on a nice day. Just remember to bring ear plugs. Another example: young homies who feel compelled as if by some kind of federal statute to loudly play their music with the bass sound blaring enough to fry ear drums. Again, come down to the State/Lincoln intersection sometime and hear – albeit painfully- for yourself. Oh and brush up your gangsta rap because that is what you will usually be hearing. Then there are loud-mouthed parents who ruin it for everyone else at their kid’s ball games. Not to mention the residents with nocturnal urges to mow their grass pre-dawn and/or post-dawn but never during normal person daylight hours.

Thorns to the continuing rampant drug problem in our area. Overdoses, including deaths, are not the infrequent anymore. Just ask the cops, coroner, hospitals, counselors and funeral homes. And the impact drug use has on our economy is being felt too in a way you would never have believed in the past. Area employers cannot fill jobs – many are good paying jobs with benefits – because applicants are flunking drug tests. But in this wonderful entitlement society that is our nation, the same people flunking drug tests are eligible to live off the government dole (your tax dollars). So basically the feeling among such moochers is, hey, pass the syringe because like, man, why bother working at all anyways? Go figure. Then go beat your head against a wall in frustration.

Roses to the well-maintained property located on the corner of North Lundy and East Third in Salem. We think it is a multi-resident property. Colorful flowers accent a patriotic theme featuring two American flags on each side of our state flag. It’s a sight any American should pause in front of and appreciate, especially with Memorial Day on the way. We salute you. We’ve been hearing plenty about rental properties in our town that aren’t maintained. Those that are deserve some positive recognition.

Roses to?hulking Jason Giambi of the Cleveland Indians. He is 42 years old – a dinosaur in major league baseball years. He runs like one too. Nevertheless, he dove into first base to beat out an infield hit Tuesday night against Philadelphia. Noteworthy is that it came with two outs in the eighth inning of a game the Tribe was leading 14-2. In other words, the game was well in hand and most players would’ve taken that play off and lollygagged to first base. But the grizzled Giambi did not because hustling on each and every play is the old school way. That play by the determined veteran should be held up as an example of the right way to play the game for every youngster out there playing ball.

Roses to the creative uses of spray paint. Instead of graffiti we are seeing colorful murals in the downtown Salem area. They look great and provide a different expressive outlet for our young artistic residents. More are on the way. A Street Art Contest will be held on June 22 during the Salem Super Cruise. A mural with a theme of cruisin’ in Salem would be cool to see.