Thorns for misleading political signs. Case in point: Jerry Wolford, a former Salem mayor, is also a former Perry Township trustee. He is running for a township trustee seat in the upcoming election. His signs read: “Re-elect:” etc. Most would interpret that specific wording of the sign language to indicate that candidate Wolford is running as an incumbent and not a former trustee. There is a difference. By state law that is permissible. So give Mr. Wolford props – and some roses too – for having the savvy to realize and confirm that through the state. But it is at least somewhat misleading? Will it impact either way what is the most interesting race on the ballot??Won’t really be able to tell. We endorsed Mr. Wolford when he last ran for Salem mayor. We recently ran a letter to the editor of his. We’ve always had a pretty good relationship with him. But from here the sign language is – if nothing else – bad form.

Thorns for candidates who don’t bother to fulfill requests by newspapers – including this one – to provide requested election-based information for us to share with our readers. Wouldn’t you think each and every candidate would jump at a chance to have a platform available to express views, qualifications and background to potential voters? For free? Some don’t which is utterly amazing. Roses to those complying with our requests. We will be publishing your material prior to the Nov. 5 election.

Roses to the Salem Police, Columbiana County Drug Task Force and Drug Enforcement Agency for another drug bust. This time for an alleged meth lab on the corner of West Pershing and South Howard – right across the street from where a similar arrest was made earlier in the year. Anyone detect a pattern here when it comes to that neighborhood? And how about the report about the guys driving around after sucking on compressed inhalants? Think of all the whack jobs driving around out there similarly indulging while putting people – including school kids walking to and fro along roadways – at risk? That is part of the fabric of what is our Salem in the year 2013. Get used to it if you haven’t already.

Roses for gasoline prices descending last weekend to about an even three bucks per gallon.

Thorns, natch, to gas prices rising 30-plus cents since last weekend. Go figure.

Roses for Melinda Trimmer. The West Branch junior recently verbally committed to YSU to play basketball. She is perhaps the best returning girls basketball player in our area on what is perhaps the best girls basketball team in our area. A bona fide All-State candidate, she is the returning Northeast Buckeye Conference Player of the Year. She holds the school record for assists – reflective of unselfish play. Melinda was featured on our sports pages earlier this week. To clarify, she had already received interest from nearly three dozen schools, including a Big Ten program and several MAC programs among Div. I schools. She chose YSU because of the program’s eagerness to have her, to avoid recruiting distractions with two years of high school ball left, because of its close location to home and because of family ties – her two brothers are current students and her dad is a YSU graduate. We gave Melinda roses five years ago when she finished fourth in the nation in the Elks National Hoop Shoot competition. Glad to do it again.

Roses to John Lowdermilk. He is the son of Salem High graduates Kirk and Kellee Lowdermilk. John, who graduated from Carrollton High School where he was a football and basketball standout, is a junior safety on the Iowa football team. He is the fourth-leading tackler on a Hawkeyes team that will visit Columbus this Saturday. Of course, his dad was an All-Big Ten center at Ohio State before embarking on a solid NFL career. It will be kind of cool to see his son playing on the same field that Kirk did some 30 years ago.

Roses to Troll’s Jewelry in Salem for donating the West Branch Homecoming queen’s tiara. Roses to Wilms Nursery in Franklin Square for donating 300 carnations for the Military Night football game hosted by Leetonia Schools. That is classy.