This election does carry importance

Tuesday’s election is not a blockbuster. There aren’t any hotly-contested state or county issues. There isn’t a race for president. No congressional races. Ohioans aren’t determining their next governor. But it would be wrong to be dismissive and call tomorrow’s election an off election for all local residents. “Off” just doesn’t sound right; it shouldn’t be used in labeling any election. Because they are all important.

For many voters it will have an impact. Such as in our city, for instance, with council seats up for vote. A five-way race in Perry Township for two trustee positions will be interesting. And yes, another reminder to city residents that you can vote in the Perry Township trustee race. Many school board seats will be decided.

United Local and West Branch voters will determine the fates of two important school levies. Take a drive through the Columbiana and West Branch communities and see political signs virtually everywhere. To many this is indeed a very important election.

As reported in a page 1a story today, voter turnout in our county will likely be less than 30 percent. That isn’t surprising because many aren’t regarding it as a high-impact election. It shouldn’t be diminished though. It will shape the future of our local landscape. For that reason – and because voting is a privilege not to be ever overlooked – we encourage all eligible voters to get out and do just on Tuesday.