Let’s hope this works better than old plan

A new national security strategy, replacing one he initiated in 2010, will be unveiled next year, President Barack Obama has informed Congress.

Let’s hope the 2014 strategy works better than its predecessor.

Four key goals of the 2010 plan were to strengthen the U.S. position as a world leader, end the war in Iraq, shatter the al-Qaida terrorist organization and complete recovery of the U.S. economy.

Not one of them has been a success. The economy continues to lag, with a persistent core of unemployment. Adding to the economy’s long-term instability is continued runaway federal spending.

In terms of world leadership, both Russia and China have made enormous strides – while staunch U.S. allies wonder whether they can count on Washington in the future.

While most U.S. troops have been pulled out of Iraq, thousands of Americans remain there, in jeopardy as that country seems to be spiraling downward into chaos.

And both Democrat and Republican leaders in Congress warn al-Qaida may be stronger than ever.

Meanwhile, the Pentagon warns the U.S. military is not ready for another war.

Perhaps Obama has something in mind to address all four serious problems. But if so, it will have to represent a 180-degree turn from most of the ultra-liberal president’s policies.

Opponents of accountability in political campaign financing may have applauded President Barack Obama’s proposal last week to curb tax-exempt groups that use donations made anonymously to influence elections.

But this is Barack Obama, who seems to do nothing without an ultra-liberal political motive. Remember, this is the same Obama administration under which the Internal Revenue Service harassed some conservative organizations.

“The devil, of course, will be in the details” of the Obama plan, commented an official at the Campaign Legal Center.

He is absolutely correct about that. Members of Congress should look carefully at those details to uncover provisions inserted by the Obama administration to help organizations promoting liberal candidates, while punishing those with conservative ideals.

Democrats tempted to go along with the White House should remember that at some point, a Republican administration will take power – and may use the Obama rules against, not for, liberal organizations.