Let’s keep up the giving this season

Thanksgiving usually kicks off the holiday season in most of our minds. Usually it is during this time of year that we clearly see a need by some many people in our community. Whether for food, clothes, help with bills, help with toys for children or for pure companionship, there are many who are plain wanting out there. They need help. This is the time of year -during the year’s biggest season of giving – that we see those needs and a willingness, thank goodness, of so many to help out.

For example, during the Thanksgiving dinner at the Memorial Building, some 825 dinners were given out. The kind hearted volunteers, some 150 of them, literally ran out of turkey just as the final meal was being served. That shows just how many people were looking for a good meal and maybe some fellowship to go with it.

Here at the Salem News we’ve been helping out with two drives. The first is a teddy bear drive. We are happy to report that nearly 150 stuffed animals of all makes and sizes have been dropped off at our front desk. Thank you so very much. Thank you to those children out there who – we were told – used their own money to buy stuffed animals for needy children. Your parents have done well in raising you.

We also assisted Columbiana County Sheriff’s Deputy Jon?Price with his toy collection campaign. Jon has a son who is physically and mentally challenged. He is a great young man whose willingness to live is a pure inspiration. We did a recent page one feature on the family. As we did on the teddy bear drive.

Jon and his wife, Pearl, are also inspirational. Despite the challenges of caring for their son who requires so much attention and raising a daughter with a third child on the way, the Prices are gathering toys to be delivered this Wednesday to the Akron Children’s Hospital. That is where their trooper of a son has spent so much time. The Salem News put a collection box in the editor’s office. We are happy to report that the box is brimming with toys. Jon also let us know that the boxes at two other collection sights are filled too. That means there will be a van full of toys heading to Akron this week. The world needs more Jon Prices.

A reality is that our job as a newspaper is, yes, to report all of the bad stuff. It seems there has been so much of it around here this year. From domestic violence to stabbings in the streets of Salem and everything in between. Including the scourge of drugs that has blanketed our communities.?Nobody is immune from bad stuff happening.

But another reality is that our communities boast a lot of kind, compassionate and wonderfully generous people. We like to write about those people and their acts too. So thanks for your appreciation of that and keep on giving right up through the holiday season. And afterwards too.

Give to the Salvation Army and its kettles. Give to the coat drives and the toy drive boxes. Give to Toys for Tots. Give at your church and the food pantries. There is no shortage of places to help out. Just keep on giving. And it doesn’t always have to be money that is donated. Give up some of your time. So many have in Salem and surrounding neighborhoods. Great communities are built and sustained by great people. Just like you. Take pride in that.