State should aid adoptive parents

Ohio legislators are on a path to improve the lives of many of the state’s most helpless residents – children who need adoptive parents. In doing so, lawmakers should ensure safeguards are in place to ensure the youngsters go to loving homes.

A bill approved by the state House of Representatives would increase the tax credit for an adoption from $1,500 to $10,000. The bill includes other provisions to make the process of putting a child up for adoption less time-consuming.

The overwhelming majority of Ohioans who adopt children do so with the very best motives. They care deeply for their young charges.

But increasing the financial incentive for adoption means the state will need to ensure earning a windfall in tax breaks is not the primary reason some couples take children into their homes.

That can and does happen — and the results can be catastrophic for helpless boys and girls.

Raising children is a costly process. Lawmakers are right to encourage loving couples who, without the higher tax credit, might conclude they cannot afford to adopt.

Again, however, the change places a new burden on state and local child welfare agencies. If they determine they need a few additional state dollars to monitor adoptive parents adequately, legislators should provide the money.

It would be difficult to top the White House media blitz on Obamacare as an example of taxpayer-funded government propaganda. Still, President Barack Obama seems determined to try – on climate change.

From one-sided “lesson plans” for school children to speeches claiming Obama’s plan is necessary to slow the rise of the oceans, this president has used propaganda as a tool to further his war on coal and reasonably priced electricity. Now, more of your tax dollars will be spent for that purpose.

It was announced this week the Agriculture Department is setting up seven “climate hubs” and three “sub-hubs,” allegedly to serve as clearinghouses for “information and outreach” about extreme weather and climate change.

Rest assured only one form of outreach – supporting Obama’s extreme views – will be involved. Count on only slanted information being disseminated, as part of the president’s ongoing propaganda push.