Candidates facing some real issues

At least the Ohio Democrats are sending candidates up to run for statewide office with questionable incidents readily revealed during the campaign, instead of coming to light later.

David Pepper, the Democrats’ hope to unseat incumbent Attorney General Mike DeWine, has paid thousands of dollars worth of unpaid parking tickets.

On their own, a parking ticket here or there left unpaid is simply a sidestep of which many people are guilty.

But, when trying to become Ohio’s top law enforcer, anything with a hint of an attitude of being above the law should smack voters in the face.

And when one is campaigning to be the state’s chief executive, one should expect a record showing a stellar past.

But Ed FitzGerald has pretty much taken steps to throw in the towel in his race against Gov. John Kasich.

FitzGerald’s past shows a man who is at best an absent-minded person with no attention to personal detail or at worst, another flaunt-the-law character in Ohio politics.

His lack of a driver’s license for years while apparently driving around in government vehicles in Northeast Ohio has been well documented.

Combine that with the still unexplained presence in a car with a woman, not his wife, at 4:30 a.m. in an industrial park with his defense being a claim they were cut off from a tour.

And his top aides have departed his campaign.

These guys would seem indicative of an Ohio Democratic Party in shambles, incapable of mounting a challenge and unable to find candidates worthy of voters’ attention from one corner of the state to the other.