Roses, hugs and kisses for all the good moms out there — from the first-time mothers to an elderly mom who realized that being a parent did not end when a child became an adult. Aren’t we lucky to have oh so many great moms around here? There are no age boundaries. A parent is always a parent. And the good ones realize that and pass it along to their children — with heaps of love shown throughout the years in so many ways. Mother’s Day should be 365 days a year The best moms deserve that. Those of you out there who have the pleasure and fortune to still have a great mother should remember that. Thank them everyday including on their special day today. Give your mom some roses, hugs and kisses. Those of us who had wonderful mothers but now must visit a cemetery would love to have them back even if but for a fleeting moment.

Roses for West Branch senior Bailey Byers. She catches for the softball Warriors and hit her 18th home run of the season Thursday during a sectional title win over Howland. That tied the home run record for the entire state. What an accomplishment! She can break the record when 19-4 West Branch meet Lakeview Wednesday in a district semifinal.

Roses for the now-retired Donn Beeson. A genuine nice guy, he adroitly could be firm when needed and gentle when needed during his nearly 40 years as a full-time and part-time Salem police officer. He was a face of the Salem Police Dept. and will be missed — embodying what a “community cop” is all about. We wish him only the best.

Thorns for those leaving their vehicles, and sometimes their own home doors unlocked. C’mon guys, you’re smarter than this. What part don’t you get about all of the punks and drug freaks running around getting their mitts on loose change and anything of value? Don’t help them out and don’t waste our cops’ valuable time filling out reports and investigating crimes that could have been prevented with some common sense and caution.

Roses to Pennex Aluminum in Leetonia. Recently Leetonia Schools needed some assistance with the school play. Pennex Aluminum went above and beyond to assist the school with several props. This is a true example of a community minded company giving a community its most valuable assets: spirit, time and compassion.

Thorns, passed along and presumably this has been taken care of: “A field of thorns to the city of Salem. On May 2, a storm blew through knocking down some trees on Park Avenue. Today, May 9, a huge tree is still blocking the sidewalk along Centennial Park on Park Avenue along with a ton of debris. I walk almost every day and have to walk into the street unless I want wet/muddy feet due to all the rain. It’s a real hazard. Yet red tickets are being given to homeowners for ‘junk’ cars in their own yard.  How about cleaning up your own house first. Get your priorities straight Salem….”

Thorns to those blowing their mowed grass onto the streets. Probably the same people who do it in the fall with their leaves and in the winter with snow creating hazards for drivers.

Thorns to those not slowing down or stopping for pedestrians using clearly marked lanes to cross the street such as the one on Lincoln near the KSU City Center. It’s the law, people.