Don’t be scammed over unclaimed funds

The adage “don’t trust strangers” certainly applies here. We recently received an alert that we gladly would like to pass along. According to the report, the Division of Unclaimed Funds is warning Ohioans about a website claiming a fee must be paid to have their missing money returned.

It’s bogus, of course — that is, needing to provide money first in order to get money rightfully belonging to you.

The website,, tells consumers that they will receive their missing money after paying varying fees, ranging from $12 to $29.99.

 It’s a scam, of course. It does not cost anything to retrieve unclaimed funds from the division, and the website,, is not affiliated with the division. The website is also providing false details regarding Ohio properties and fraudulent claim forms. This form cannot be accepted by the division. Some scam victims found the website via online search engines. Others were called by the company with a phone number of 866-955-1623.

 “We are committed to returning to Ohioans what is rightfully theirs,” Division of Unclaimed Funds Superintendent Yaw Obeng said. “Unfortunately, others aren’t, and this scam is taking money out of Ohioans’ pockets instead of putting it back.”

 It’s important to use common sense. Don’t help these bad people out who prey on the innocent — often the elderly who grew up in a time when you could trust someone then a lot more than you can nowadays. Never, ever, trust anyone calling you or reaching you online offering a service that, first, requires you to part with money. Don’t be a fool.

It’s your money, go for it. There are thousands and thousands of dollars out there that legally belong to Ohio residents. And it does not cost a single cent to apply for and obtain what is rightfully yours. To see if you have any money out there waiting for you it is simple. Ohioans searching for their unclaimed funds are encouraged to work directly with the division, either online: or by calling 877-644-6823.