Have a very happy New Year!

For most of us today and New Year’s Day will more time for family, friends, merriment and more good food. Beverages too, probably. If so, be careful. Don’t become a tragic figure when you go out tonight or tomorrow when you are done watching football games.

Just like the Christmas and Thanksgiving seasons, the New Year’s celebration provides ample opportunity for many to get together, enjoy each other’s company and perhaps do some reflecting — the whole auld lang syne thing. Many people are off until Tuesday. Enjoy your down time.

The past year, as they always are, was eventful locally, nationally and internationally. Those events have been well-documented. In Salem, the wave of violence and crimes cannot be ignored. Everything from tragic deaths to meth labs and heroin to domestic violence and major thefts. Our police department is very capable and vigilant. The officers will have to continue to be ever watchful because the bad stuff is not going away. A big event was the late year fire at the old Salem China building. Luckily no deaths or injuries resulted. There were other big news happenings.

But let’s remember too all the wonderful good people in our town. Salem, like our neighboring communities, remains a good place, period — a good place to work and a good place to raise and educate our children. No, make that a great, not just good, place to live.

Your personal lives were probably eventful too. Some good and some bad but eventful. More good than bad, we hope.

Today as we gather to enjoy another holiday before heading off into 2018, consider any good fortunes — not to be confused with fortune as in wealth — that you have. Some are easy to take for granted but usually are the most important ones. Don’t ever understate that. For those losing a loved one this past year, savor the good memories of the good times. It does help.

To all of our readers, have a Happy New Year’s Day and the best of a brand new year. May it be kind and giving to you. May you spiritually prosper. And may you be kind and giving in return.