Let your holiday spirit shine with decorations

Nobody really looks forward to it. Thanksgiving rolls around and you grab the aluminum extension ladder out of the garage, climb into the attic and haul down boxes of lights and decorations and then freeze outside trying to figure out why one strand of lights won’t work.

But, once it is all done, you walk up to the road and admire how the house looks. It is a beacon in the night as the days get shorter and shorter.

Neighbors have friendly competitions. People will drive around looking to “borrow” decorating ideas for next year’s display.

Even after a bad day at work, the world doesn’t seem so bad when the drive includes house after house decorated for the holidays.

It is a gift to others to decorate your house, spreading the holiday spirit.

Communities have competitions for the best decorated house. But Christmas lights and displays aren’t about winning a trophy.

Some people spend a lot of time designing outdoor displays. Others will put out random displays and lights that kind of look like Snoopy’s doghouse.

Either way, it is the spirit of the holiday lights that shines brightly during the Christmas season.