Roses for those taking the time and expense to put out Christmas decorations. It is a big part of our holiday season. Many enjoy driving around and taking in colorful and festive sights.

Roses for those manning the Salvation Army kettles — especially those doing it out in the cold.

Roses for Nativity presentations. There still is a place in our world for these, right?

Roses for classrooms collecting and gathering holiday donations for the needy. Our pages have chronicled many of these good deeds. Thank you teachers for stressing to your students the sheer and simple goodness of giving to others. Those values will often be carried throughout the lifetimes of these children.

Roses for those behind the amazingly successful Gingerbread Day held at the high school. Think about it. Some 800 children participated. All for free. Roses for those behind the Light Up Damascus all-day event last Saturday. Included were multiple fun and interactive events for children. Plus goodies. All for free.

Thorns for those who swipe packages left on porches by delivery personnel. It’s pathetic especially when those victimized are seniors getting by on fixed incomes but still squirreling away some money to buy the grandkids Christmas presents.

Thorns for those who park diagonally in parking lots, thereby taking up two parking spots during a season when many lots are packed and open spaces are hard to find. Be considerate of others.

Thorns for retailers who don’t pull gimpy shopping carts that do not work properly from their fleets. We’ve all ended up with a creaking cart that doesn’t have a wheel or two working. It’s annoying to have to pick and choose from carts that are stuck together to find one that actually works.

Roses for community theaters that often offer performances involving children. This would include Salem Community Theatre, Crown Theater in Columbiana and the Trinity Playhouse in Lisbon. They provide opportunities for children with artistic bents to express themselves while learning the responsibilities that come with making a commitment. Feed their passions.

Roses for the Rose Bowl. That is where Ohio State will be playing Washington on Jan. 1. Pasadena — and all of that bowl’s tradition and splendor — is not a bad consolation for failing to make the playoffs. Next time beat the Purdues and Iowas on the schedule. A 12-1 season, conference championship, roads wins over Penn State, Michigan State and TCU and obliterating Michigan while being led by a Heisman finalist — who, incidentally, is an Academic All Big Ten honoree — is a season well done.