Roses for those taking advantage of the big storm heads-up forecasts/warnings that were put out a full week ahead of Harper and got prepared. The whole make sure you have enough milk and bread mode. Thorns for those tardy folks who put it off and put if off and then complain when stores run out of milk and bread. Blame yourself. Have fun standing in line.

Roses to those shoveling out fire hydrants in front of their homes. Actually, who does it benefit the most should there be a fire? You betcha.

Thorns for those pushing snow out on public roadways. Not only is it inconsiderate but creates a driving hazard. The same people, the guess here is, who push their grass clippings on the roads during the spring and summer and their leaves during the fall. Then gripe when a neighbor kid’s ball accidently gets tossed in their yard.

Roses for kids who will forsake video gaming and like enticements and take to the outdoors with snow shovels and make a few bucks digging out their neighbors. Extra roses for those doing it for free. Just because. Same with plow owners-turned-Samaritans who embrace Luke 10:33 and don’t charge a dime. Again, just because.

Thorns for the big mouths at high school, middle school and even grade school athletic events who don’t know enough to shut up. You are beyond annoying. This past week the Ohio High School Athletic Association reported a looming shortage of referees for athletic events. The reason? Loud verbal abuse and constant criticism from the stands are driving refs away. The old “kill the umpire” mind set. Usually it is only single person or perhaps a few. But that is all it takes. Now, a quick show of hands from those reading this who have been to games and experienced this. Thought so. We sure did, especially during 17 years of sports editing. Those idiots embarrass themselves, often any family member they are sitting with and, worst of all, their red-faced child out on the court. Just sit down and shut up. Try cheering instead. Lets the kid play and the refs ref. The refs aren’t in it for the money, trust us on that one. It is for a love of the game and the enjoyment of watching competition and sportsmanship among the youth.

Thorns to the University of Michigan football program. No, not for the big choke in Columbus last November. After all, that was expected. But for offering a football scholarship to a seventh — seventh? — grader. Naturally the kid and his family are all giddy about it. But how ridiculous is this? How much pressure henceforth will that kid, a quarterback, have on him? Not to mention a bull’s-eye on his back every time he steps on a football field from now on.

Roses for city council’s Finance Committee voting 2-1 to recommend using a fund for industrial park/other land purchases to pay off the parks department’s loan for its recently-purchased building on Oak Street. We back Mayor Berlin who made the request to the committee, noting that particular account is sitting idle. Freeing up parks’ money that would have went toward interest would now go to park improvements. The parks department has been levy-sustained and not a leech on city finances. The building, which houses three hard-working members including director Shane Franks, will become an asset. A move from the Memorial Building was needed for more reasons than one. Our well-maintained parks are community diamonds. Anything to help keep them that way is good by us and — judging by the support parks levies always get at the voting booths — by most city residents. And roses to the parks workers for keeping the pathways cleared at Memorial Park for the walkers and joggers during wintertime.