Take heed of weather warnings for weekend

Sure it’s only midweek but when forecasters toss around words such as “blockbuster” and “colossal” when describing a potential winter storm heading our way, we all better take notice.

Models will be continuously tweaked but as this is written we are expecting to get at least 8 inches of snow on Saturday. We can deal with that. Some models have us getting double that. That would be crippling. But we will have to deal with that.

Any large snow amount coming Saturday will be atop the already couple of inches blanketing our ground right now. Another few inches or so are predicted for Friday.

Of course, this all comes with living where we do. Who out there really thought we were going to get away with a storm-free winter? C’mon now we all know better than that. Hey, don’t forget it’s only mid-January.

Given that is just Wednesday, we all have ample time and a heads-up to do tasks such as making sure the gas tank gets filled and stocking up on groceries, water and essentials. You just might be stuck at home for a couple of days.

Those not stuck at home will be roads crews, emergency responders and local law enforcement officers. They don’t get snow days off. Same goes with hospital workers and postal carriers. Don’t forget your newspaper carriers too. Please be patient with them.

A positive — although children will disagree — is that the projected storm will come on a non-school day. Most people will be off work Saturday which will limit the potential for roadways accidents and vehicles getting stuck in the snow.

Please check in on senior citizens. Make sure any outside pets are looked after. Don’t forget to have a contingency plan for parking if you usually park on a city street. You can be assured that parking bans will be implemented as soon as needed. We will do our best to post those at salemnews.net.

And considering the snow is expected be a soggy one, let’s hope power lines are up to the challenge. Again, it’s all about preparedness — have a plan in case your power goes out. Even if it’s extra blankets set aside. Have flashlights handy. Power up your cell phone ahead of time. And please don’t use kerosene and propane space heaters for anything more than what they are intended to do. Losing power in bad storm is one thing. Losing a life in a house fire is a tragedy.

So get the boots, snow shovels, blowers, plows, what nots and common sense at the ready. We are not wanting to be alarmists here but from what we anticipate hearing over the next few days won’t be a weather forecast as much as it will a weather warning. Take heed. Take precautions.