The annual, irritating pothole season is here

Now that we’ve gone through the most recent attack of snow and ice, a familiar scourge is once again visiting our area.

The pothole.

They’re everywhere. They’re on side streets and main roads. SCity roadways and highways that connect our cities and villages.

Every driver has his or her “look for it” hole that has developed along their usual driving route. It’s the new ones that pop up on that can have you on a first-name basic with a front end specialist.

And the potholes aren’t going anywhere for a while.

It’s been an unusual winter in that the number of days and cycles where temperatures went from freezing to unseasonably warm and back again have been relentless. We’ve had a decent amount of snow — and an unusual amount of rain. At least the strong winds we just dealt with didn’t create anymore of them.

They will likely to continue until — or even after — spring arrives on March 20. The roads crews need nice weather to get to them, even with that temporary patch stuff they use.

We drive the same roads that you do and experience their condition on a daily basis. There’s no easy solution to be offered — only patience. Efforts to patch won’t be effective until the weather warms up. Until then, take it easy while driving. Watch speeding into puddles because that water could be hiding a wheel-bending hole. They are everywhere and you have to be aware of that.

Be cautious on roads where you know holes are and watch for other drivers trying to avoid the worst of them.

Hopefully, they’ll do the same for you as you try to avoid the worst of them.

Soon, hot asphalt will be available and those street crews who have worked valiantly trying to keep the streets passable all winter will be working to make more lasting improvements.

Don’t hesitate to report your “look for it” pothole to your local government, but remember, we’re all in this together, and a little understanding about the situation will certainly be appreciated.