Have a very happy and joyous Easter weekend

Good morning and a very glorious and happy Easter weekend to all of you. It is a very special time for sure.

We would like to acknowledge the social groups, businesses and churches holding or having already held special events like egg hunts and related activities for children.

For different reasons, some of the egg hunts that had become traditions are no longer held. That makes ones that are held even more special for the children. Faith-based — and fun-based — activities were held and being held at many local churches. Good, clean entertainment for children and their parents/grandparents/guardians. Nothing wrong with wholesome non-pushy interaction for kids. We have been to several egg hunts and you know what? We didn’t see a single kid attached to a laptop or tablet. What a wonderful sight that was. There’s too much bad crap out there — think cyberspace — for kids to get distracted by and into trouble with and misled.

Sometimes there is nothing like the simplicity of parents taking time for coloring and decorating hard-boiled eggs with their children. How many of you can remember doing that with your parents? Or grandparents? Thought so. And you can probably still remember that smell of vinegar.

There is nothing like eating the ears off chocolate bunnies first. Nothing like those gushy marshmallow peeps that are as tasty as they are sticky. And, yeah, go ahead and sneak a bite or two for yourself. Hey, we are all kids at heart. Just don’t get any on your spanking new Easter outfit.

Let’s not forget the simple and timeless jelly bean. Even if you don’t like the black ones. Sometimes there is nothing that hits the spot better than a bite of pure processed and refined sugar.

Easter lilies to those of all faiths and beliefs unified this weekend especially tomorrow during this holiest of days. Like Christmas, there is a singular reason for Easter. Let’s not forget that today while we are carving up the ham and sneaking a bite of the kids’ earless chocolate bunnies. And if you do not feel likewise, at least respect those who carry a strong faith. Not, of course, to be confused with the hypocrites out there of which there are aplenty.

Again, we wish all of your reading this a joyous Easter and thank you for your support. It is appreciated.