Enjoy the Cruise and what it offers

With the cooperation of a finicky Mother Nature, what has become Salem’s biggest downtown attraction during the calendar year should again be just that over the coming days. The forecast looks pretty darn good for weather and fun.

Hundreds of people will pour into our downtown and East end for the Salem Super Cruise which kicks into gear Thursday. We’ve called the Super Cruise a people magnet. It has been just that through its first 13 years. And, yes, it’s been that long already. Much like the Salem Jubilee held during the 1980s it is a fun summertime diversion. Nothing wrong with that at all.

As detailed in recent stories on our pages and available online at salemnews.net, there will be a number of attractions during the Super Cruise which concludes Sunday.

The biggest time slot for activity will be Saturday, especially into the evening. Cruising will be all of the wonderful vehicles — pristine and mint — passing through and along the streets of Salem. There will be cars and trucks of all makes, years and models. Friday night downtown is always hoppin’ too. And, aren’t just a little curious to see what this giant potato is all about?

The vehicles, of course, are the biggest attraction. Period love sharp-looking cars. Always have and always will. Most people love seeing these classics. Kids through seniors love the interaction that the Salem Super Cruise brings into our city. It literally breathes some life into Salem.

For these kind of reasons alone the Super Cruise should be embraced and always supported. Besides being a fun activity to do for all ages, it is also free entertainment for the whole family. That is an important consideration. You can take it all in without spending a cent. Which is hard to do nowadays when it comes to entertainment. Plus it’s right here at home. Many of us even walk to it.

You can bet the local restaurants, bars, convenience stores, fast food stops and even gas stations appreciate all the extra business. Of course there will be that fully nutritious and heart-friendly (kidding) vendors’ food that we all love. We’re partial to apple dumplings and loaded hot sausage sandwiches ourselves. Go ahead and splurge into your own favorite. And of course the kids like the games.

For those not into the Super Cruise, it’s simple. Stay away. Far away if it make you feel any better. The Salem Super Cruise is one of the best things to have happened to our city. Credit is owed mayor John Berlin and service director Ken Kenst. The city has efficiently pulled off Super Cruises since assuming operation of the event. It is nice that this whole thing isn’t some profit-driven private enterprise. The city runs it in the black and the city should continue controlling it.

A single individual who deserves credit spotlight is Gene Johnson. The Cruisin’ Crew organizer does a magnificent job — with the Cruise and also throughout the warm weather months of coordinating items being donated for the local food pantry through cruises. Needy area residents have benefited from the tons of food brought into the pantry through the kindness of vintage show car enthusiasts.

Thanks goes to the Cruise volunteers. Thanks goes to the businesses supporting the event. Thanks goes to the police officers providing a presence. Thanks goes to the hundreds, heck, thousands, of people supporting the Salem Super Cruise.

Thanks for the fact that any bad behavior despite the huge crowds has been isolated and pretty insignificant punk stuff. Proving that having a lot of people in a small area doesn’t always result in problems. If peeling tires is the biggest form of mischief occurring, then things are in pretty good shape.

The Cruise brings people into our town and it is for the people of our town and those in surrounding communities. And there is absolutely nothing wrong with that. Enjoy the Cruise. It should be a lot of fun.