Keep bringing back the Cruise

With the cooperation of a usually more finicky Mother Nature the four-day Salem Super Cruise ended Sunday afternoon marked by great weather, great turnout and great show vehicles.

The Super Cruise is a huge community asset to the city. Anyone walking around this past weekend, especially during the evening hours on Friday and Saturday would’ve been one of hundreds attracted to the Cruise. Some came to check out the vehicles. Some came to check out some of the other attractions. Some came to check out each other And you would have to say everyone came to simply have a nice, laid-back summertime moment, often shared with family and friends. And isn’t always pretty cool to bump into an old acquaintance you might have not seen in years and end up sharing stories? That is what the Cruise brings to our town. Special moments for all ages. And, yes, the food was great too.

As usual the leadership under mayor John Berlin and safety/service director deserve praise for the success of another Cruise under the city’s direction. Gene Johnson again was the point person in the flow and organization of the Cruise, including raising over $7,000 to be shared by six local food pantries. He is invaluable to local cruises and the good causes the benefit.

We did not hear of much criminal or the usual punk mischief which was good. Local merchants, especially the bars and restaurants, must have prospered. There were a lot of smiles and a lot of fellowship. Thanks to all of those putting this wonderful event on. All in all, another great Salem Super Cruise. Let’s keep them coming.


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