You too can step forward and help out

To the editor:

Fundraising. We all go through it whether we are the person buying or selling something. Fundraisers are used to raise money for a cause. The items being sold are most often something we do not need like candles, T-shirts, jewelry, and (for you older people) Tom Watt boxes.

If you have kids, the fundraising is out of control, especially by the time they hit junior/senior high school. It’s even more extreme if your children play sports, and it never stops if they’re in more than one. They want you to sell this, buy that, and ask your family, neighbors, and strangers for money. I, for one, do not want another T-shirt or candle nor do I want to sell a product I wouldn’t buy. Instead, I did what very few parents in their right mind would do: I got online and googled fundraisers.

I was looking for something that would appeal to a majority and something that has not been beaten to death by every other school organizations. It had to be something unique. I found a new idea, asked some questions, did my homework, and then took off my running shoes (literally), making the first donation to this new found fundraiser: “Step Up with the Salem Class of 2016.” The class is taking donations of gently- used shoes that will be sent to third world countries to help fund their prom and donate a class gift to the school.

I have set the bar high for this class. Our goal is 15,000 pairs of shoes. Yes, this is a large amount of shoes, but with your help these kids will reach the goal. This means no selling and no buying! (hooray!) If anyone who is reading this would be kind enough to go through their family’s shoes and make a donation, we can accomplish the goal. Also, if you are reading this and tell a few people about the project that would help too.

We have some terrific businesses who have offered to “step up” with us, and we are using them as drop points for people to take their shoes. The following businesses are all located in Salem and will be taking donations: Salem Community Center, Muffler Man on West State Street, UPS Store by Walmart, ARC on East Pigeon Road, Shoe Sensation at the Giant Eagle Plaza. As well as Global-Pak in East Liverpool on Lisbon Street and their location in Columbiana on Columbiana-Lisbon Road. Please take any gently used shoes to any of these locations.

PMF Rental out of Zelienople, Pa., has been very generous by donating a 27-foot trailer to store our shoes in. The Salem High School has donated space for us to put the trailer as well. Global-Pak Inc. donated a truck and driver to pull the trailer to our location. The Salem Area Chamber of Commerce has permitted us to put up a 7-foot Quaker Sam to show locals the progress we are making. I am asking everyone who reads this to go through your shoes, your family’s shoes, or maybe even your neighbors’ shoes and “step up” with the Class of 2016. Together, we can make this fundraiser a success and eliminate the need to ask “Would you like to buy an (insert item here) to support our prom?” As of me writing this, we have over 3,400 pairs. It’s a long way from our goal, but with the help of the community we will get there.



Maybe we all need to grow thicker skin

To the editor:

“Sticks and stones may break your bones, but words will never hurt you.” How many times did I hear this from my father during my childhood years?

They call it “political corrections ” I call it “political corruption,” a behavior that reeks of stupidity and adds fuel and unrest to a society which has far more serious problems to deal with. When someone utters a few improper words or remarks there are always those ready to scream bloody murder even though the remarks were not directed at them.

What are we coming to when someone makes a few off the cuff remarks 15 years ago, offers a sincere public apology and still suffers the near loss of a successful business? Why are these people so swift to advocate tolerance and diversity and yet exhibit no willingness to practice what they preach?

Back in the days when duels were fought over disagreements and insults there was a thing called honor. I failed to see any honor when people who have no contact with someone will want to snip away at their characters. Perhaps if duels were again allowed most of the mouthy troublemakers would be inclined to mind their own business. No one can deny that misstated words can penetrate the skin and cause discomfort, however wouldn’t we be a happier society if someone would bring forth a medicine that would grow us a thicker skin.