YOUR SIDE: The Readers Take Over

Council member asks “Did of Do You Know?”

To the editor:

Do you know what the letters S-T-O-P painted on red and white octagon signs at the intersections of city streets are telling you?  You’re wrong. That’s what I thought. Don’t feel bad. Most city residents don’t know either. They think it says ST-ep-On Pedal. Slow rolling or not stopping at all is like rolling the dice. Eventually you lose. It’s also illegal.

If you have an alley off your street. Do vehicles using it stop at the entrance to the street? Or do they slow roll them like they do on West Wilson Street? I’ve seen and been told of several close accidents. Perhaps every alley should have a stop sign. Better to be safe then sorry. What does one cost? Can’t be as much as paying for a funeral or patching up a child that was riding a bicycle. Almost forgot. In Salem it’s against the law to ride a bicycle on the sidewalk. All “street” traffic laws are to be obeyed when riding your bike.

Do you know. You can’t repair your vehicle while parked on a city street? That’s a safety issue and the law. Oil and other fluids aren’t exactly on speaking terms with asphalt and concrete.    

Just so you know. You can’t repair a friend’s car in your garage and get paid in a residential neighborhood. If you have I recommend you close shop and find something else to do with your spare time. I wouldn’t want someone to tell the City of Salem Income Tax Department and perhaps get you a citation for violating city ordinances.

Did you know. No left turns are permitted downtown between Broadway and Lincoln. Happens everyday.  Signs are posted but depending on the time of day they are difficult to see. Especially early in the morning due to the rising sun and at dusk with it setting in the west. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

Just to let you know. You can’t plant flowers, place large rocks or small stones in the city right of way in front of your house.  

Speaking of city right of ways. Every street in Salem has them. No parking is permitted in that area (on the curb, grass area or the sidewalk). If your street has a curb that is where the city right of way begins. If you live on part of South Lundy or another street without a curb it begins at the edge of the pavement and extends into the gravel or grass along the street. Telephone poles and most fire hydrants, stop, no parking and speed limit signs are located in the right of way. If a sign states parking is permitted on the street it means on the pavement and not off the pavement. If you are parking in the gravel or grass and a stop sign is staring at you through the windshield, odds are you are parking illegally. Good luck.

Do you know the name of one Salem police officer other then Chief J.T. Panezott?  When I was a kid, growing up in the early 50s, the boys knew them all by their last name and they knew ours. My last two years in high school I worked at the “State” and “Grand” Theaters. One night. I had just changed the name of the next movie on the marquee and put the ladder away when a police cruiser pulled up to the curb. It was Chief of Police Marty Lutsch. He rolled down the side window and shouted: “Hey Brown” get in the car! I leaned in and asked what I did. He said: “Nothing this time. Just get in and I’ll take you home.” It was almost eleven o’clock and the temperature was ten degrees and snowing. I attended Kent State with several Salem Police officers during the early years of Kent State of Salem. That’s when classes were held in the old “Bliss” building and upstairs above a bar on South Broadway. Times have changed. Next time you see an officer tell him or her thanks for serving the city of Salem.

This is the last “Did or Do You Know?” I will be writing. Have a great day and please don’t litter in the Second Ward.

Clyde Brown,

Second Ward Councilman, Salem


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