Thanks for supporting Back-to-School Clothing Voucher project

To the editor:

The members of Salem Church Women United would like to express their thanks for the generous response to our annual Back-to-School Clothing Voucher project.

This year over 400 Salem School District children from lower-income families, Head Start through eighth grade, were given vouchers to purchase new clothing and shoes for going back to school.

Our thanks is extended to the Salem Community Foundation, the Ray Pearce Foundation for grant monies, Salem area churches, and individuals and organizations who gave financial donations.

Thanks also to the Emmanuel Lutheran Church for the use of its fellowship hall. Thank you to all the volunteers for their help with sign-ups. Thanks to the Salem News and Salem Talks for their help in providing the publicity to get the word out to those who needed back to school assistance.

Special thanks to the Salem Walmart for being our project shopping center and to all the personnel who have assisted in this back-to-school clothing voucher project.

Gratefully we appreciate the people of Salem for their generous support of our projects year after year. God bless us


Social Concerns chairperson,