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State representative candidate clarifies record

To the editor:

I wish to set the record straight regarding the Journal’s election coverage.

In the paper dated Wednesday, Nov. 7, it was reported that I was not available to comment on the election results. I was available that evening, and every day since as well. I spent election evening with other candidates, Shawna Roberts CD-6 and Ray Wagner, Jr., and friends and supporters at a Salem restaurant. I received no phone call, no text, nor email from any Journal staff either that evening or in the days following. Having been contacted in the past by the reporters I feel confident they know how to reach me.

Had I been asked for a statement these would have been my words: “While disappointed in the results, it does not change my resolve to work towards a Columbiana County that provides a quality education for all our children (including access to broadband), has jobs that provide a living wage, and has cities and villages that are prosperous once again. I will continue to fight for the people of Columbiana County.”



Editor’s note: The story was also published on page 6A of the Nov. 7 Salem News as provided by our sister newspaper, the Morning Journal. Mr. Dyce was defeated by incumbent Tim Ginter for the state representative position.


Family touts online public charter school

To the editor:

As small business owners we spend a lot of time working to provide for our family. Last year we really struggled to balance our work with spending enough time as a family. With five children, we realized that time was moving too quickly, and we were losing too many moments. In addition to wanting more family time, we also realized that our children needed a different learning environment. A couple of our kids needed a more challenging curriculum or the ability to work at their own pace – an academic setting that met their individual needs and enabled us to spend more time together.

We found Great River Connections Academy, a new online public charter school that opened in August. Right away our children thrived in the online environment and we feel more involved in their academic lives than we have before.

At a time of the year when we stop to think about all that we are thankful for we appreciate that we live in a state that allows parents the opportunity to choose the learning environment that not only meets the student’s needs but also the needs of the family.




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