YOUR SIDE: The Readers Take Over

For shame David Johnson!

To the editor:

Should David Johnson resign as chairman of the Columbiana County Republican Party? He absolutely should, for blaming the California fires on liberals. Democrats control every office in California and kept the forests friendly to spotted owls and purple-toed frogs, thereby banishing greedy capitalist loggers from harvesting timber which could otherwise create firebreaks.

How bad can a man possibly be? The meanness Johnson has displayed has no place in our sweet, Pollyannish political climate. Everyone is so nice and respectful, especially the Democrats, that when a big bully like Johnson comes along, innocent, nature-loving people are frightened to death and are looking for a place to hide where they will feel safe.

Never mind that Donald Trump gets all the blame for the hurricanes and climate change, which will surely destroy the earth and every human being dwelling upon it. We all know what a scary guy he is. But if anyone else deserves harsh opprobrium it’s David Johnson, as our beloved liberal friends have repeatedly indicated. Where would we be without these watchdogs making sure that our speech and all of our actions are politically correct and offend no one save deplorable, grasping, dirty-water, polluted-air-loving Republicans.

Shame on you, David. Go to the liberal and apologize to him some more for your bad behavior. Pat him on the head and say, “Nice liberal, nice liberal.” Promise him not to be bad any more.

Everything will be OK then–a gold star will be placed upon your forehead and people will sing your praises. But you will be handcuffed and a muzzle placed over your mouth should you persist in writing spiteful “memes” and trumpeting outlandish tirades.


Newell, W. Va.