Open your eyes and heart

To the editor:

Bought a book yesterday at Sam’s. Have not read in quite a while — my eyes were too bad. It was awesome cracking open a fresh novel. The first few chapters have left me ashamed. Ashamed that we as intelligent, supposedly kind, caring, wise, Christian people are allowing history to repeat itself, and just calmly sit by, and deny they can see it, are responsible or even acknowledge it is happening.

Surely anyone with a basic education of history remembers slavery, Holocaust, Trail of Tears. These were dark times in our Great Nation. Times when various races/cultures, were treated basically as less than animals. Times when these innocent folks were judged by their skin tone, language, religion. They were judged for being different. They were shunned, and treated poorly, by self righteous folks, who deemed them, lowly.

The book is called “Orphan Train” and is an account of the process handling destitute poor immigrant children from inner cities, during the depression. The story follows an Irish family.

I happen to be 30 percent Irish myself. The main character ends up alone and on an orphan train west. As she is considered older, she is given charge of an infant 14 months old. She tends, nurses and has total care of him, thrust on her. He is Italian. I imagine a great many of you, can trace roots to Italy.

I don’t understand how people can simply ignore the suffering and devastation at the border, and believe it could never be them.

Yes indeed, it could be you, or your babies someday. You are not superior. You are human, as are the souls trying to enter, and make a better life.

Yet people live in their own little bubbles, and complain on here about the weather, the traffic, doing without water for a few hours, TV programs and other such trivial matters, when in a detention center…… today…… a little 8 year old girl, scared and alone, is frantically trying to tend to the needs of a tiny 14 month old baby, without adequate supplies, basic needs, anyone to support her, care about her or love her.

If this does not bother you. That makes me sad.

But there is no justification, so save your energy and my time.

Robin Adams,

Newell, W.Va.


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