Wellsville leadership moving in the right direction

To the editor:

I sincerely believe Wellsville Mayor Nancy Murray, Fiscal Officer Hoi Wah Black and the other elected officials, all the village department heads and employees deserve “a job well done” for turning around the fiscal emergency plight the village was in.

The ongoing financial issues are not going to simply disappear but the village officials, along with some input from the state, embarked on an unenviable task of trying to maintain services while finding methods to repay what seemed to be insurmountable debt and still “balance the checkbook”!

While some unknowing and misinformed people seem to always perceive that any government entity, rather it be local, county, state or national has an endless pocket of money the more rational village residents understand the village’s finances are much like their own where there is only so much coming in and that’s what you have to pay your bills.

Myriad reasons for Wellsville arriving to the point of financial distress can be offered and bantered about with a trove of finger pointing, some possibly valid, but this village administration appears to have taken the posture of learning from history and simply moving forward in a positive manner……..“congratulations”!!!

Paul Anthony.



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