State of well being: balance of mind, body and spirit

Something people often overlook is personal well being. There are a plethora of excuses as to why there isn’t time enough to take care of self. (You may call them reasons.) But in the final analysis, not taking care of yourself, seeing to your own well-being, sends a clear message that says everyone and everything else is more important than you are.

As a wise physician once said, “If you don’t take care of yourself you won’t be around to take care of all of the things you are responsible for-or think you are.”

Well being is a feeling of contentment, the state of satisfaction that comes from living a good lifeyou have what you need, maybe you have some of the extras you desire but aren’t necessary for your happiness.

There are eight dimensions of well being, advises the well being program at Washington State University (

– Emotional: You recognize and express your emotions through healthy behaviors that satisfy your personal and social goals.

– Environmental: You understand the role the environment plays in your well being. All human activity affects the environment and whether the environment can sustain life.

– Financial: You make informed decisions and you are empowered to provide for now and the future.

– Intellectual: You are a critical thinker, with an active mind open to new ideas. You are creative and curious, motivated to learn new things.

– Occupational: Your work and choices of interests are steps to achieving personal goals satisfaction.

– Physical: You get adequate exercise conducive to strength-building, flexibility and endurance and make good lifestyle choices.

– Social: You are involved and connected in your community with your contributions.

– Spiritual: You seek to find meaning and purpose to life and make choices that are consistent with your personal beliefs and values.

Some people, out of fear, are controlled by others, unable to make their own decisions, to live their lives. It takes courage to claim your own agency-to make your own choices and live your life responsibly. But who knows better than you what is best for you?

A healthy community is an empowered community. It is so easy to give over authority to others and just follow the crowd. It’s hard work to think, to consider options, to make decisions, the consequences with which you will be able to live. Your confidence will grow with your good life choices and the contentment, the satisfactionthe happiness, your well being, that you will feel as a result.

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