Don’t confuse a disaster with historic accomplishment

On April Fools’ Day, Obama did a victory lap around his teleprompters claiming Obamacare a success. Seven million people had signed up in one way or another.

Let us put that in perspective.

When President Obama was selling the Affordable Care Act back in June 2009, he repeatedly claimed that “we are not a nation that accepts nearly 46 million uninsured,”

Nearly five years later, a mere seven million signups is a reason to celebrate? Back when I had to walk to school uphill both ways, 15 percent wasn’t just failure, it was abject failure. It was “spell your name correctly and leave the rest of the test blank” failure.

Even if you could somehow twist the definition of success to include a 15 percent rate, buying health insurance is the law of the land. Not enrolling is breaking that law. Not that favored groups breaking the law is any concern of the Obama administration (think illegal aliens). Imagine if we had 46 million people robbing banks. A new law is passed and four years later 39 million people are still robbing banks. Would we consider that a success?

According to The New York Times, just 1.7 percent of paying Obamacare customers were previously uninsured. The National Center for Public Policy Research has discovered to date, over five million Americans have had their health insurance plans canceled due to Obamacare nonconformity. Indeed, most of those the White House counts as Obamacare enrollees are among those that have lost their insurance because of Obamacare.

The Congressional Budget Office projects that up to 69 percent of small business health insurance plans, covering as many as 41 million Americans, will be lost because they do not comply with Obamacare’s requirements. The impact of this has not been felt as Obama issued a decree providing a reprieve from canceling policies that don’t meet the coverage standards outlined in the Affordable Care Act (until after this election cycle, how convenient). When Obamacare requirements are fully implemented, at the end of 2014, millions of Americans are going to find themselves among the ranks of the uninsured.

If we dig deeper, according to U.S. Census Bureau statistics, some of the 46 million counted as uninsured could theoretically afford health coverage but chose not to purchase any. The Census states, 17.6 million of the uninsured had annual incomes of more than $50,000 and 9.1 million earned more than $75,000. They just ELECTED not to be insured, which in a free country and before Obamacare was their RIGHT. Free choice actually is a Constitutionally guaranteed right. Health care is not and can never be considered a right, but more about that at a future date.

Eleven to 20 million considered uninsured are illegal aliens living here ILLEGALLY. Where in the Constitution does it give illegal aliens (someone who is breaking our laws) the “RIGHT” to reach into our pockets to receive health care? It is no wonder they are streaming here in hordes!

The main argument the Obama administration made for passing the Affordable Care Act was that it would provide coverage for the uninsured.

Yet, the non-partisan Congressional Budget Office reported that approximately 27 million uninsured Americans will never receive health care coverage under Obamacare. That begs the question, why was this done in the first place if it doesn’t come close to solving the problem of the uninsured? Not to mention that it will cost the U.S. taxpayers $2.6 trillion over the next 10 years.

Obama said to George Stephanopoulos. “you and I are both paying 900 bucks because of uncompensated care.” So as usual, Washington turns the world upside down. Instead of passing a law to force the freeloaders pay for their health care, they passed a law to punish the 87 percent of us who already have health insurance by trashing our health care system and trampling our free choice and private property rights.

How about Oregon, a state that fully embraced the Affordable Care Act and in doing so attempted to create its own state exchange, “Cover Oregon”? After months of trying to get its disastrous health insurance exchange to work, Oregon officially gave up on the state portal and decided to switch to the federal website. Oregon has already squandered the $305 million it received from the federal government to set up its exchange without successfully enrolling a single person.

In the “Hope and Change” world of Obama, the miserable failure that is Obamacare is touted as some grand success. The only change that we can be assured of is the bastardization of what constitutes success. The concept has been transformed from a gauge of achievement to anything connected to Obama.

I guess this is just the manifestation of the “everyone gets a trophy” mentality kicked up to the highest level. Perhaps we need a new word added to the pages of Funk and Wagnalls, “suck-sess.” To be defined as those disasters that because of their relationship to Obama will be sold to the American people as historic accomplishments.

From Jack Loesch: “I’ve lived locally most of my life, now in the suburbs of North Georgetown. For the past twenty years-plus I have been teaching computer science, economics and statistics at the University of Akron. My main area of interest and research is the evolution and demise of the free market system in America. I am a Constitutional Originalist, meaning I believe the Constitution should be interpreted in the spirit in which it was written. I have maintained a web site ( for several years on which I post my musings, research compilations, and other sundry tidbits of information that cross my path. Most were initially used to organize my thoughts, found their way to the site, and have remained there to pass into irrelevance. I can be contacted at