NFL — Nitwit Fools League

What are we to think of a group of men who have enjoyed the fruits of American freedom, becoming extremely wealthy playing a child’s game, and yet feel compelled to disrespect and dishonor all of those who have paid the ultimate price making that dream possible? That is of course a rhetorical question. Each of these morons should be ostracized and ridiculed by every person who consumes the gifts of living in the greatest nation in the history of man.

There seems to be a modicum of confusion as to what exactly it is that they are protesting. I think it is safe to generalize their ire by stating they believe that Americans of African descent have been and are still mistreated. Given that is the foundation of their complaint, to whom are they directing their resentment and what do they hope to accomplish? As a nation we have long since rid ourselves of any law or government action that hints of racism. So why during the National Anthem?

The flag represents something that should be sacred to all Americans. I have a profound appreciation for those who sacrificed to bequeath to me the opportunity just to live in America. Whether it be the founding fathers who risked their lives, their fortunes, and their sacred honor to create this great nation or the people who came through Ellis Island to seek a better future for themselves and their families, they paid a dear price for me and millions like me. No matter how rich you may be, just living in America, we have all won the lottery of life.

My ancestors represent both categories. On one side I can trace my ancestry back to my 7th great-grandfather who came here with William Penn to carve out a home at the edge of an empty continent on land that is now America. On the other side, my grandparents came here as teenagers from Europe with little more than the clothes on their backs. We can little imagine the hardships those people endured and as is seen by the NFL protests, some of us have little appreciation for the dues they paid so that we may have a better life.

While I am in no way condoning slavery, the 17th and 18th century colonial slave trade seems to be the underlying sore that has festered for the past 300 years and most likely will never heal. So why don’t we put that issue in perspective.

African blacks were not the only demographic that came to America in bondage. Nearly two-thirds of white immigrants to the American colonies between the 1630s and American Revolution had come under indentures. It was often the only way for poor Europeans to immigrate to the American colonies. All “slaves” regardless of the color of their skin endured unimaginable hardships to pave the way for their descendants to enjoy the ever improving standard of living that is our modern world.

The NFL protestors are merely displaying their ignorance of history and reality. American blacks enjoy the highest standard of living of any black population on earth. To bring Americans of African descent in line with their distant relatives who the slave-traders left behind in Africa would require a drastic degradation in their living standards. They enjoy vastly greater wealth and human rights than the citizens of any nation they can trace their roots back to. If we could turn back the clock and erase slavery from our history could any African American realistically believe that he or she would have fared better, or even existed, had some distant ancestor not been enslaved?

So what are the living conditions like in Africa today? The World Bank states there are 650 million people living in Africa that make less than $2 per day. The continent faces poverty, malnutrition, inadequate hygiene and sanitation. It is estimated that 65 percent of the population is without access to safe drinking water. Life expectancy is estimated to be just over 50 years of age. And numerous genocides have claimed millions of lives over the last century. How does that sound Mr. NFLer? How much do you think they will pay you over there to run around a field in tights?

Boo hoo to these multimillionaire ingrates who think they have been treated so poorly and have the audacity to stomp on the flag and disrespect the millions of patriots who have fought and died so that they can be such imbeciles. There is only one way to deal with these morons and their supporters such as LeBron James: we need to starve the beast. I will never attend or watch another NFL game even if the market pressures force them to act in accordance with the respect that is due our flag and the many who have defended it. The NFL as an organization has displayed its true colors and deserves zero support from any appreciative patriotic American, now and in the future. The more people who send a message by withdrawing their dollars that this transgression will not be tolerated, the better chance we have at returning America to the nation the founders envisioned.

Area resident Jack Loesch is a longtime teacher at the University of Akron. Read his website at He may be reached at: