Another nail in the coffin of the Rule of Law

We are witnessing the destruction of one of the pillars of our individual freedom, the rule of law.

We as a society have abandoned a 300 year old tradition of the belief that we are all innocent until proven guilty.

This is the single most important element of our governmental system that restrains the politically connected from arbitrarily using the power of government to target their enemies.

The leftist establishment and their media lapdogs have bombarded the populace with unsubstantiated allegations and reported those as if they were fact. There was no due process, only a trial in the court of public opinion that has been tainted by bias media reporting that borders on the criminal.

The problem, there is a significant number of our fellow citizens that are ignorant to the danger that this propagates. Mere comment, suggestion, and innuendo have been weaponized. We are creating a generation that no longer considers proof beyond a reasonable doubt as the standard of guilt. How many innocent people are going to be negatively impacted by this societal change? I wouldn’t want to have a jury of my peers judge me if they didn’t understand that basic rules of evidence or the burden of proof.

With our most prominent public figures being caught regularly lying with impunity and seemingly no negative repercussions, certainly no legal repercussions, it isn’t difficult to imagine finding a handful of people willing to twist the truth to achieve an end.

And since the only requirement to establish guilt is the unsubstantiated accusations by multiple people, we are all in peril of having our lives ruined even if we are completely innocent. No matter what you think of Roy Moore, we should all come to his defense. To have accusations of 40 year old alleged activities, without a hint of proof, disrupt his life should be abhorrent to all of us because this tactic could someday find its way to our front door.

Those who are touting that “decency won out” truly don’t understand the impact of this result. Decency didn’t win, deceit won. The public was deceived into believing and acting upon unproven allegations. Roy Moore ran for circuit court judge and Chief Justice of the Alabama Supreme Court several times beginning in 1994. None of these accusers came forward during any of those elections. How is that possible if these events were so important? How does that not shed reasonable doubt on their validity? How can these inconsistencies fail to find their way into the reporting of this incident?

This is the very reason that according to the latest Harvard-Harris poll, 65 percent of America believes the mainstream press is full of fake news. And even though the media has lost much of its stranglehold on public opinion, it is still an important player in determining the direction of the nation which is truly unfortunate given their lack of credibility.

Area resident Jack Loesch is a longtime teacher at the University of Akron. Read his website at He may be reached at: