GUEST COLUMN: Trump Jr. : Sherrod Brown is no friend to my father’s agenda

Campaign season always draws out the fakes and phonies among elected officials, and this year is no exception.

 Among the worst offenders are Democrat Senators who are up for reelection in states my father won in 2016. They are desperately pretending to be aligned with him on issues of importance to their constituents.

 Senator Sherrod Brown is a case in point. He is anything but an ally of President Trump and he carries with him a troubling voting record — a testament to his betrayal of the good people of Ohio.

 For instance, earlier this year, as the President was trying to overhaul our country’s failed immigration laws, Brown opposed a bipartisan bill that would have fixed our broken system and made our communities safer.

 Senator Brown’s vote for open borders is also no surprise. In 2015, he shamefully voted against Kate’s Law, a bill that would have cracked down on sanctuary cities that willingly harbor dangerous criminal illegal aliens.

 Likewise, he voted against the repeal of Obamacare and the Obamacare mandate — the $700 annual penalty levied on uninsured individuals in Ohio.

 Senator Brown has also consistently opposed my father’s political and judicial nominees. The Senator voted against 15 of the President’s cabinet nominees, including Secretaries Mike Pompeo, Alex Azar and Alexander Acosta. 

 While he supported 100 percent of President Obama’s judicial nominees, Brown opposed both of President Trump’s Supreme Court nominees and also voted against over 80 percent of his circuit court nominees.

 Perhaps Senator Brown’s worst decision yet was his vote against the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act last year — the one piece of legislation that single-handedly turned the Ohio economy around.

 Since the tax cuts went into effect, thousands of people in Ohio have seen bigger paychecks and the state’s unemployment rate reached its lowest level since 2001.

 Also, businesses such as Walmart have announced pay raises for their employees, including an increased minimum wage of $11 per hour, an initiative that impacted thousands of workers in Ohio. A whole host of other businesses in the state are also giving out bonuses, increasing salaries, and hiring more workers.

 Senator Brown, meanwhile, is doing everything he can to obstruct this progress. He has voted with Minority Leader Chuck Schumer a whopping 94 percent of the time and has voted against my father nearly 70 percent of the time.

 Evidently, Brown didn’t get the memo. Ohioans made it clear during the 2016 presidential election that they support the America First agenda, which has created a booming Ohio economy. They were fed up with the establishment/Democrat agenda, which only led to the closing of factories across the state and the offshoring of jobs they once provided.

 If Democrats take back control of Congress this November, you’d better believe that our economic progress will be stalled, if not reversed entirely. Ohioans would see smaller paychecks and vanishing jobs instead of historic economic growth.

 Sherrod Brown clearly lacks the capacity or desire to Make America Great Again. If Ohioans wish to see my father’s agenda succeed and continue to deliver for the Buckeye State, they must send a politician to Washington who will support him. 

 Sherrod Brown is clearly not that kind of politician. But Congressman Jim Renacci is — which is why my father endorsed his candidacy for senator. Unlike Brown, Renacci is a successful businessman who knows what it takes to continue the momentum of the Trump agenda. 

 Ohio’s future rests in the hands of its voters, not the phonies in Congress. Let’s not let Brown thwart my father’s agenda and destroy Ohio’s progress in the process.

 Donald Trump Jr. is the executive vice president at The Trump Organization and the son on President Donald Trump.