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Be smart with your charitable donations

December 8, 2014 Just as we're urged to open our hearts and wallets to help others in need through charitable donations, we're warned about the dangers of scam artists lurking when you least expect it — like during... more »»

Dec. 7, 1941 continues to live in infamy

December 7, 2014 It was the most profound and cowardly sneak attack in the history of man. At exactly 7:55 a.m., on Dec. more »»

Ohio must stiffen ban on texting by drivers

December 6, 2014 "Distracted driving" can have fatal consequences. Not infrequently, police report accidents caused by motorists who were using cellular phones to talk or send text messages. more »»

Lock up repeat offenders; don’t forget juveniles

December 5, 2014 W hy some politicians shrink from locking proved threats to the public up and throwing away the key is beyond us. more »»

Perhaps it’s time to talk about race

December 2, 2014 R ioters in Ferguson, Mo., held the attention of most in the media and the public last week. more »»

Obama loses another secretary of defense

December 1, 2014 President Barack Obama does not seem to have very good luck in keeping secretaries of defense. The third one of his administration, Chuck Hagel, is resigning. more »»

Redistricting plan worth consideration

November 30, 2014 Accusations of gerrymandering will never be eliminated from the process of setting districts from which state and federal legislators are elected. more »»

Is Ebola fight right place for US troops?

November 29, 2014 A bout 2,000 American soldiers are in harm’s way this week — not against terrorists in the Middle East but in the fight against Ebola in West Africa. more »»

When a toy gun isn’t much of a toy at all

November 28, 2014 Twelve-year-old Tamir Rice of Cleveland probably would be alive today had he not brandished a realistic-looking gun when challenged by a police office. more »»

We should all have reasons to be thankful

November 27, 2014 Today is a day for reunions, good food —?make that a lot (burp!) of good food-good cheer and for watching parades and football on TV. But it is also a day for each and everyone of us to give thanks. more »»

Obama beats GOP to punch on immigration

November 25, 2014 B eating the will of the people to the punch is not part of the job description for presidents of the United States. Neither is altering or hamstringing laws with which a chief executive disagrees. more »»

Senate bill puts children first, not school predators

November 24, 2014 I t should not have to be against the law for school officials to help sexual predators they have fired find new jobs working with children. more »»

School rule change means local control

November 23, 2014 Taxpayers sometimes join public school officials in complaining that state and federal mandates give local educators little or no flexibility. more »»

Help addicts back to drug-free lives

November 22, 2014 Hardcore drug pushers ought to be put behind bars — the longer, the better. Their victims, often those caught and charged with drug offenses, may be a different story. more »»

Dr. DiOrio promoted after Ohio Ebola scare

November 21, 2014 P erhaps in part because of her excellent handling of the Ebola scare in Ohio, former state epidemiologist Dr. Mary DiOrio has been promoted. Gov. more »»


November 21, 2014 The (Canton) Repository, Nov. 14 The numbers are staggering: 46 people die each day in the United States from an overdose of prescription painkiller. more »»

Islamic ‘extremists’ are terrorists for sure

November 20, 2014 Islamic State terrorists — still, for some reason, referred to by many in the media as “militants” or “extremists” — say they have beheaded another American. more »»

Teacher pay rules tie board’s hand

November 19, 2014 P ublic schools in Ohio are required to pay teachers more for their years in the profession and for advanced college degrees. more »»

Relations with China must be realistic

November 18, 2014 President Barack Obama shares one thing with most of his predecessors, whether Democrat or Republican: All try their best to put a bright face on U.. more »»

Obamacare truth revealed by author

November 17, 2014 E conomist Jonathan Gruber, who helped write the Affordable Care Act — known by most as Obamacare — has admitted Americans were deceived about the measure. more »»



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