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Slashing service but spending more

June 23, 2014 Try getting an answer to your questions about government retirement benefits by calling your local Social Security office. Let's hope you have plenty of time to wait ... and wait ... and wait. more »»


June 22, 2014 Thorns for the apparent end to the pet parade and decorated vehicles parade held each Fourth of July in downtown Salem. more »»

What’s wrong with planting trees to offset pollution?

June 21, 2014 Nature Conservancy scientists are collaborating with Dow Chemical Co. to develop a plan that would help solve several environmental problems with one effort — plant more tree. more »»

Salem Super Cruise shifts into high gear

June 19, 2014 With the cooperation of a finicky Mother Nature, what has become Salem’s biggest downtown attraction during the calendar year should again be just that over the next several days. more »»

Do we have a plan to contain Iraq?

June 18, 2014 Iraq, where nearly 4,500 Americans died in what appears to have been a futile attempt to change the very culture of that violence-torn region, may be about to fall to a radically militant Islamic... more »»

Some juveniles in detention deserve stronger penalties

June 17, 2014 M any of the juveniles in corrections centers indeed are children who made unwise decisions and should not be treated as hardened criminals. more »»

Ensure access to public records

June 16, 2014 The good news for Ohioans is that public officials seem to be following the state's open records law much better than was the case several years ag. more »»

Protect Americans caught in Iraq war

June 14, 2014 Americans who remember the fall of South Vietnam in 1975 — and the frantic evacuation of U.S. troops and civilians from Saigon — may be watching events in Iraq with a dismayed sense of deja vu. more »»

Don’t forget to display the red, white and blue

June 13, 2014 Saturday is Flag Day. Our fine nation should be awash in red, white and blue. That is because Flag Day deserves the respect of each and every one of us. more »»

Be certain to dive into pool safety

June 11, 2014 Children are out of school, the summer weather is starting to heat up and pools are open including in Salem where the Centennial Pool opened last weekiend. Now is the time to remember pool safety. more »»

Obamacare melts down once again

June 10, 2014 A health insurance company that notified one-fourth of its customers their rates might go up or they might not get coverage at all because of an in-office mistake with records might well pay the... more »»

Holocaust, Liberators Memorial can help remind us of horrors

June 9, 2014 Her mother tried in vain to cover her eyes so she could not see what was happening, Sofiya Karpovich remembers. But she saw. She cannot forge. more »»


June 8, 2014 Roses to start off this Sunday morning to all of our veterans who fought in any wa. more »»

To clean up VA mess, don’t stop at Eric Shinseki

June 7, 2014 At Veterans Affairs medical centers throughout the country, lying, cheating bureaucrats are hoping the buck stops with former VA?Secretary Eric Shinseki. It should not. more »»

Again, insane, not guns, pose biggest threat

June 6, 2014 Nearly all the mass murders that have occurred in the United States during recent years have been committed by deeply disturbed people who “fell through the cracks” of laws intended to keep them fro... more »»

Bill may help save children on ATVs

June 4, 2014 Five Ohio children also died in ATV crashes last year. more »»

Approve tax relief in the Senate plan

May 27, 2014 When government officials at all levels find themselves with unexpected revenue, the knee-jerk reaction of liberals among them is to spend it. Fortunately, a majority of Ohio Senate members disagre. more »»

Today, we honor those who gave all for their country

May 26, 2014 They were young men from the lushly forested hills of West Virginia and the barren deserts of Utah, from mill towns in Ohio and university communities in Connecticut. more »»

Clean up VA’s health system, no excuses

May 24, 2014 N o doubt some defenders of the federal bureaucracy will use an old last-ditch defense against allegations the Veterans Administration is endangering the health of many men and women who have served... more »»

Approve stopgap road funding bill

May 22, 2014 No one in Congress wants to take the blame for higher gasoline taxes just weeks before a major election. That probably explains delays in addressing long-term problems with the Highway Trust Fund. more »»



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