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Reject liberals’ ‘Not my Boss’ proposal

July 31, 2014 Many Ohioans agree Obamacare is an expensive social-engineering fiasco. more »»

Kasich delivers jobs for Ohio

July 30, 2014 Politicians do not really create jobs, regardless of what they would have you think. The most they can do is establish a tax, regulatory and incentive environment that encourages job creation. more »»

Offshore testing a head-scratcher

July 29, 2014 When news contains complaints from corporate entities that government restrictions on their activities are not based in scientific fact, are unnecessarily expensive, could force companies to stop... more »»

Financial literacy scores lag behind

July 28, 2014 Public school teachers and administrators sometimes grow frustrated at demands politicians put on them. No wonder. more »»


July 27, 2014 Thorns to reports of crumbling tennis and basketball courts at Centennial Park. The solution? Fix 'em. Taxpayers in Salem have always supported the parks. Reciprocate. more »»

Highway bill just tough compromise

July 26, 2014 There are solutions and there are compromises. And then there is government accounting and the Federal Highway Trust Fund. more »»

Audit shows progress in open records requests

July 24, 2014 An open records "audit" of local governments in Ohio earlier this year showed improvements in officials providing access to documents. more »»

Scaremongering over Supreme Court rulings: The left’s hobby

July 23, 2014 At least President Barack Obama has always made it clear he prefers dabbling in domestic policy and doesn’t understand much about foreign relations. more »»

Government threw nearly $100B away in last year alone

July 22, 2014 Estimates by federal agencies that they in effect threw away nearly $100 billion last year should infuriate taxpayers. It is our hard-earned money, after all. more »»

Military equipment parts should be made at home

July 21, 2014 As the effort intensifies to resource manufacturing jobs back to the U.S., a focal point should be on military equipmen. more »»


July 20, 2014 Roses for all of our hard-working and bright college students. On the previous page, we list of all our area president’s and dean’s list students from Kent State University. more »»

For wind power, feathers can fly

July 19, 2014 It is illegal to kill certain endangered animals, including golden eagles. If you get caught doing so, even accidentally, the federal government will punish you with stiff fines. more »»

Senate Dems ready to quash speech

July 18, 2014 Frustrated that the Constitution enshrines Americans’ freedom of speech, including that in which they spend money to speak out on political candidates, a few liberals in the U.S. more »»

Bait-and-switch— foisting Obamacare on Ohioans

July 17, 2014 Like millions of other Americans, some Ohioans decided health insurance coverage through the Obamacare law sounded good.?So they signed up for it. more »»

Extremists declare caliphate of terror

July 16, 2014 Sunni Muslim extremists who have proclaimed creation of a caliphate in Iraq and Syria have been ridiculed by many of their enemies, including other Islamic rebels in Syria. more »»

Ohio experiments with earned-income tax credit increases

July 15, 2014 Something of an experiment in conservative economics is underway in Ohio. Both Gov. John Kasich and state legislators deserve enormous credit for engaging in it. more »»

We always rise above malaise

July 14, 2014 Two and a half years into his presidency, on July 15, 1979, President Jimmy Carter made what is arguably his most famous address, the "Crisis of Confidence" speech that preceded an attempt at a... more »»

Politics matter most to Obama

July 13, 2014 President Barack Obama in Texas this week. Was he taking a look at a major humanitarian crisis in that state and Arizona? No. more »»


July 13, 2014 Roses to our readers. Thank you for supporting the Salem News. We are celebrating our 125th anniversary. That takes us back to 1889. more »»

State must get prison food right

July 12, 2014 Feeding the thousands of inmates at Ohio prisons is a big, demanding job. Getting it right all the time may be impossible. more »»



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