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Americans should pause and reflect each and every 9/11

September 11, 2013 Today marks the 12th anniversary of one of the most horrific days in the history of the United States. more »»

Justice Department shouldn’t pick and choose federal laws

September 10, 2013 Marijuana is illegal under federal law. Yet Attorney General Eric Holder has decided not to interfere in any way with two states where recreational use of the drug has become permissible. more »»

Pirates reach a magical number

September 9, 2013 Whether its Browns and Steelers or Indians and Pirates, that Cleveland-Pittsburgh divide for sports fans’ devotion so evident in our own area can be quite passionate. Eighty-one. more »»

Lawmakers must address misuse of drugs in Ohio

August 31, 2013 Misuse of legal drugs has become a leading cause of death in Ohio, surpassing the toll taken by vehicle crashes. more »»

Don’t wade back into Iraq quagmire

August 28, 2013 Forty-six people were killed in Iraq Sunday, as it becomes clearer and clearer U.S. strategy to pacify that country was a dismal, bloody, expensive failure. more »»

Ohio has to care more for its pets

August 27, 2013 In a ranking of states done annually by the Animal Legal Defense Fund, Ohio falls near the bottom in terms of its laws on animal cruelty and abuse. more »»

NRC — with White House support — breaking law

August 22, 2013 Among the most serious energy-related challenges facing the United States is what to do with waste generated at nuclear power plants, health care facilities and other users of radioactive materials. more »»

Ohio electric bills needlessly high

August 13, 2013 Millions of Ohioans are being ripped off on their electricity bills - but not necessarily by utility companies. Blame the "green" community and a politically correct state government for the cost. more »»


August 11, 2013 Roses for the Salem Community Hospital. It is celebrating its 100th anniversary. The facility is among the largest employers in Columbiana County. Think of the tax base. more »»

Maybe Egypt’s new rulers know terrorists when they see them

August 10, 2013 Egyptian colonels and generals who overthrew the regime of former President Mohammed Morsi probably have more experience with and knowledge of terrorists than do U.S. Sens. more »»

Obamacare to hit many in pocketbook

August 9, 2013 Within months, many Ohioans will be paying much more for health insurance they don’t want or need, because the federal government has told them they have no choice. more »»

Come out and celebrate iFest

August 8, 2013 Next to the Salem Super Cruise, one of the biggest downtown crowd magnets will be here Saturday. more »»

Abortion rules no ‘war on women’

August 6, 2013 New Ohio regulations on abortion clinics are a “war on women’s health,” the head of a pro-abortion group claimed last week. more »»

Successful schools suffer in budget While we have always supported the function that charter schools serve in Ohio and defended them against undue criticism from their public school counterparts, some of the funding language favoring charters in the new

July 31, 2013 While we have always supported the function that charter schools serve in Ohio and defended them against undue criticism from their public school counterparts, some of the funding language favoring... more »»

Fairs are big part of area’s summer

July 29, 2013 There's no glitz, glamour or full-scale high-tech wizardry used to awe which seems to be needed — or felt it is needed — in this day and age of providing entertainment. more »»

OSU? racking study plan worthwhile

July 27, 2013 Although federal officials recently gave hydraulic fracturing at gas and oil wells a clean bill of health, much more remains to be learned about the practice. more »»

Making the war on coal global

July 26, 2013 Xor decades, leaders of the World Bank have recognized one of the surest ways to reduce poverty in developing countries is to help their residents obtain reasonably priced electricity. more »»

Defense chief needs to lead

July 25, 2013 Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel is spending much of his time these days jetting around the country to spread his woe-is-us message to the Pentagon’s civilian worker. more »»

Judge should ban ‘pre-meeting’ official gathering

July 24, 2013 Most of the time when public officials try end-runs around Ohio’s open meetings law, they sincerely just want to get things done for taxpayers in the most efficient ways possible. more »»

Obama must keep US out of Syria

July 23, 2013 Presidents are right to insist the Pentagon prepare contingency plans to meet any eventuality, no matter how remote the possibility they may be used. more »»



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