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Ohio’s coal industry crushed by an agency in need of a purpose

July 22, 2016 For decades, Ohio has proudly mined the coal that fuels America. Coal still generates more than a third of U.S. more »»

GUEST COLUMN: Comey and Clinton: Deja vu all over again

July 21, 2016 When James Comey announced his decision not to recommend the prosecution of Hillary Clinton for the misuse of classified information, it was not his first investigation of Clinton that ended without... more »»

Is gambling a problem for you?

July 18, 2016 Dad always was out to hit big in the lottery so he could help his children get a little bit ahead in life. more »»

A proposal for creating a citizen impeachment process

July 17, 2016 In America today, we have a complete disconnect between the citizens and their elected representative. more »»

There’s no doubt about it, Hillary lied — many times

July 11, 2016 There’s no more arguing about it. Hillary Clinton sent and received classified emails on her unsecure, home servers. She lied about it — many times. more »»

The opioid epidemic blanketing our nation

July 11, 2016 LISBON — In 2014, one million people reportedly used heroin in the United States, nearly three times as many as in 2003. more »»

Knowing significance of the Fourth of July

July 4, 2016 When you watch man-on-the-street interviews, it is amazing how many people born, raised, and educated in America don’t know the significance of the Fourth of Jul. more »»

Road to substance abuse independence

July 4, 2016 Those of us who have not suffered addiction may find it difficult to understand why it becomes a problem. We don’t want to walk a mile in the addicted person’s moccasins to find out firsthand, either. more »»

Visually arresting ‘Shallows’ entertaining genre pic

July 4, 2016 Framed inside euphoric cinematography, “The Shallows” is a brisk film that swells with dread, carnage and pathos. more »»

Ingredients of successful parenting

June 27, 2016 On Father’s Day, a minister in Columbiana County presented a sermon on “The Four Ingredients for Successful Parenting.” These ingredients are: 1.) Meaningful touch. 2. more »»

Defining our rights that come with ‘unalienable’

June 26, 2016 The word unalienable, and its twin inalienable, are seldom used today. Because of this, most people have no clue as to the true meaning of these two words. more »»

Obama is building a wall around corporate America

June 24, 2016 During his first inaugural address, President Obama pledged to bridge the divide between Washington and Main Street America by making government accountable to the people. more »»

Nutrition a factor in addiction recovery

June 20, 2016 By CATHY THOMAS BROWNFIELD Family Recovery Center publicist When my dad worked at the former NRM Corporation, the environment was, well, family-like. more »»

‘The Conjuring 2’ falls a bit flat, but gets enough right

June 19, 2016 Director James Wan must have thought he still had us on the ropes after his 2013 horror hit, “The Conjuring. more »»

Survive.... and thrive

June 15, 2016 Everyone has survived something – hardships, losses, addictions, something, which says something about a person’s character, that inherent drive that proves you are strong enough to keep putting one... more »»

‘X-Men: Apocalypse’ comes in as third-rate superhero fare

June 12, 2016 As its title suggests, director Bryan Singer’s “X-Men: Apocalypse” is the most dire, calamitous “X-Men” installment yet. At least it’s meant to be. more »»

Take care of yourself during high temperatures

June 6, 2016 Debra and Shane both work at warehouses. Their work spaces are very hot in the summer and very cold in the winter. Shane said he hates his job. It’s so hot. more »»

Stopping the spread of emerging Zika virus

June 2, 2016 You have probably heard that the Zika virus is spread by mosquitos. Public health officials say it is spreading rapidly, and the World Health Organization calls it “a threat of alarming proportion. more »»

Memorial Day was a day for remembering

May 31, 2016 Memorial Day was not just another day of a three-day weekend, or the first BBQ of the season kicking off the summer. more »»

Honoring fallen freedom fighters

May 29, 2016 This Memorial Day, we honor the 1.2 million Americans who have made the ultimate sacrifice in the defense of freedom. more »»



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