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Columnist: GOP must stick to its principles

April 20, 2013

SALEM — Conservative columnist Michelle Malkin delivered the same message to Columbiana County Republicans that she said the GOP needs to deliver to America: the message of opportunit....

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Apr-21-13 2:22 PM

The city we knew and enjoyed is going so many ways it's a shame.

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Apr-21-13 10:18 AM

Excellent point Dubfun. Until the extremeists in both parties wake up and cooperate, there will be nothing but gridlock in Washington. Compromise is not a dirty word unlike what some on here believe.

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Apr-21-13 9:44 AM

"GOP must stick to it's principles." Are these the same principles that exclude the forty-seven percent? We learned a difficult lesson during the last election; what some people espouse in public completely contradicts what they say behind closed doors. Make sure you know everything about your heroes(like Ms. Malkin) before you put them on a pedestal. Blind devotion to our leaders just because they have a conservative or liberal label has been proven historically to be a tragic mistake.

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Apr-21-13 9:25 AM

My goodness, seems I struck a nerve. So many rambling, incoherent posts. I find it interesting that you think you know so much about me and my beliefs.

In answering the post saying I lied. My first post for this article asked if you were too afraid to go anywhere in Salem without your gun. Ended it with a question mark so I guess it's a question. Sorry...didn't lie but in your anger you are once again throwing out blind accusations.

Secondly. I voted for Obama vs. McCain. I could have voted for McCain but that ended when he selected that airhead to be his running mate and with a man of that age there was no way that I wanted her anywhere near the Oval Office.

Since you know me so well then you already know that I voted for Romney in this past election.

So where do I pick up my dollar or doughnut?

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Apr-21-13 7:49 AM

I wonder if the folks carrying illegally read these signs? Will preventing legal guns stop a crime in these stores?

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Apr-21-13 7:13 AM

"When they say No Guns it no guns that is the law."

Did anyone say differently? Did I?

What's your point?

As I have read most of you posts sometime you sound like you are above the law

As I read sounds like your hide is wearing thin.

As for the GOP after the 46 cowards voted against background checks. Those 46 have no principals, only the love of licking the boots of the NRA. Have fun today!

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Apr-21-13 1:15 AM

I'm sure the Salem News editors are reading the comments on this article and are thinking "why in the*****did Ogden ever develop a webpage with a comment feature?"

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Apr-20-13 6:13 PM

OU600 good post, as you see some are very thin skinned. I was in Salem today an I carried but when they say No Guns it no guns that is the law. Joe they were cleaning the old sears lot as I passed.

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Apr-20-13 4:25 PM

Haha. Where to begin... 1. Not a leftist nor a righty. I'm like a majority of the middle. I'm relatively new to the comment board and usually just laugh at some of the posts, but you guys have gone unchallenged for too long. I'll be around to make sure you don't think too highly of yourselves. 2. You really want to compare home insurance to CCW? Another ridiculous post that is comparing apples to oranges. 3. To Not socialist: I'm sure those businesses that won't let you carry really are shaking in their boots that you don't patronize their stores. Hospitals,schools and the Community Center are likewise relieved that they won't have to deal with your presence 4. If you think I'm "smearing" someone because I asked a simple question then you are WAY to sensitive. Perhaps too sensitive to be carrying.

I'm sure I'll get witty and enlightened commentary...fresh from the talking points of Fox News. BTW, I don't exclusively watch MSNBC either.

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Apr-20-13 2:32 PM

I could care less about what Michele Malkin feels about CCW. My point is that if you feel the need to carry a gun then you are living in fear. If you want to carry, fine he law says you can. You want to point out Newtown, I'll return with an event that happened on this date in 1999. Columbine had an armed guard with a gun...he didn't prevent the massacre.

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Apr-20-13 2:18 PM

Newtown has a population of 2000. Compare that population to Salem. They had a nut case that went berserk in their population and gun free zones. Are you this complacent that you don't believe we have these sort of people living amongst us in Salem with our population and size? Think again. Don't make fun of people that want to ensure and protect their may live in denial that Salem has a dome around us protecting us from the rest of the world...because this makes you FOOL.

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Apr-20-13 2:02 PM

OSU600 that remark was uncalled for. Why do you assume it's fear? What about "right"? What is the point of issuing CCW permits if you are told when and where that permit is permissible?

Maybe if you understood Michelle Malkins stance on CCW first, maybe that would have connected that point before you insulted notSocialist.

Are you calling Michelle Malkin a coward?

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Apr-20-13 1:49 PM

So, how was the event?

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Apr-20-13 11:29 AM

You are too afraid to go anywhere in Salem without your gun? I feel sorry for you.

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Apr-20-13 10:02 AM

"no CCW allowed" I see that stopped everyone else from attending. You must be pretty self important.

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Apr-20-13 8:41 AM

RIGHT !!!!!

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Apr-20-13 8:25 AM

Public venues that are known to be gun free zones attract cowards who kill. Proven fact.

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Apr-20-13 7:32 AM

When you fear everything you have to stay safe.

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Apr-20-13 7:22 AM

What does a CCW have to do with going to such an event ?

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