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No warm welcome for auto parts store


May 12, 2013

The construction of an auto parts store next to McDonald’s doesn’t make sense and will only add to the “nightmare” of heavy traffic at the state Route 14 intersection, City Council members and......

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May-12-13 12:33 AM

The only nightmare is the thought process of the Columbiana city council. The stuff that gets them riled up and they block is just plain ridiculous. Why any business even tries to move in there anymore is beyond me, because if it doesn't fir this unrealistic vision that they have, they just squander it away.

I'm glad to know that Columbiana is rolling in so much cash that they can just block businesses on a whim, with no real legitimate rationale, just crap excuses on how it ruins their utopia.

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May-12-13 8:10 AM

Good for council for standing up against this!

One of the great things about Columbiana is the small town feel. Keep it that way!

This isn't about some local guy needing to expand his business or a vital need for the community. It is a mega million out of state corporation that wants to expand their bottom line. It has NOTHING to do with improving the Columbiana.

This auto parts store will do just fine by the car dealership down the road.

Fight to save the small town character of Columbiana before it is gone.

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May-12-13 1:03 PM

I want to comment on this but I can't stop the tears rolling down my cheeks from laughing so flipping hard!

Mega million corporation (tax revenues) that will do NOTHING for Columbiana?!!!

OMG I swear I am about to pee my pants!

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May-13-13 1:39 PM

Wow, you are not very bright Watchdog.

I'll try to explain it to you. I am typing extra slow so you can follow along.

"It is a mega million out of state corporation that wants to expand their bottom line. It has NOTHING to do with improving the Columbiana."

This quote is about the car parts store MOTIVE. It is NOT about tax revenue.

If you had been able to comprehend that, you might have understood.

If you would have read a bit further, you'd have also seen that I suggest that the store move down the street a little ways.

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May-14-13 6:12 PM

"Fight to save the small town character of Columbiana before it is gone."

So shove it down the street? Bet you have a rationale on that too, right America?

You know, maybe somebody needs to look into the real motive behind this? Starting with the address 630 N. Main St and who has special interest in that site and having a panic attack over the fact it could be bought up by this corporation.

You know what America, only a fool would believe that crap written in that article pumped out by that council and that kill joy crap you wrote in your comment shoring up that push to stop them. My guess, somebody has a personal interest and agenda in this. Wouldn't be you now would it America?

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May-28-13 5:59 PM

I have no financial interest in this project in any way shape or form, just common sense.

Again, I'll type slow so you can try and follow along.

The area out by the car dealership is not part of the small town Columbiana character. The area where the parts store is not going IS part of the small town character.

Not sure what property is at 630 N. Main St. Please enlighten everyone.

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