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Salem eyes barrier for Tanfastic bldg.

May 17, 2013

SALEM — Visitors to Salem’s downtown may get to walk on the sidewalk again by the TanFastic and Butler buildings, protected either by scaffolding or a wooden structur....

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May-18-13 9:31 AM

gimmieabreak...The probably know the owners can't pay and they want everyone safe.

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May-17-13 11:00 PM

What a disaster!This has been going on for years and now the city is going to pay to protect the building owner against a lawsuit! Why not send the bill to who whoever holds title to the building and make them pay? What a precedent the city is setting!They'll end up being part of a lawsuit!

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May-17-13 7:34 PM

Oh well on the other hand, I can't wait until October when the insurance exchange goes into effect and all these free loading morons that voted for the "FREE" health care Obama rhetoric learn that they are about to pay out of their own pocket too.

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May-17-13 7:31 PM

Pelosi already slipped up and said the fines (tax) will be a money grab. They estimated that anybody with a part time job or full time job between the ages 16 through 30 will choose to pay the fine instead of getting health care insurance at the end of the year.

Seriously, Obama is enough to make you want to up chuck your cookies just thinking about what a sad p.o.s. he really has turned out to be!

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May-17-13 7:21 PM

What's up with my tax dollars paying for two buildings I don't own?? It's one thing for the City to be left no choice but to take precautions to safeguard the public. BUT...the only thing Salem better be eying is when they hand deliver the bills to the owners to recover the costs assumed by the tax payers to shore up their negligence with their deteriorating buildings. Besides long does the City of Salem intend to let this problem go on and on and on? This preferential treatment is getting out of hand. This battle that is going back and forth between these two owners in who is responsible isn't the tax payers problem. This is getting ridiculous and the City needs to take action now to put an end to this.

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May-17-13 6:03 PM

it is all connected. One thing goes up everything else goes up. What this so called affordable health care act is going to do is just cause employers to discontinue benefits and let the government handle it. They can't keep medicare solvent. How does anyone think they are going to keep the rest of country covered. Get your pocket books out it is only just begun.

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May-17-13 10:27 AM

Anyway ! Back to the scaffolding. Thats a better choice,Gives the impression someone's finally doing something .

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May-17-13 10:25 AM

Yea i see that at the inflation at the gas pump everyday,

When the poor oil co. decide to push the price .30 or .40 cents /gal just for the heck of it,

Darn grocery prices seem to be escalating also.

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May-17-13 9:23 AM

I'd like to go back to depending on a photo from 1929 to decide the safety of people on the sidewalk of today!!! Is that the best he could do??? And as far as the afforable care act goes, there was going to be increases anyway. There is a freeze in pricing currently, everyone knows that doesn't mean a decrease in the cost when the freeze is over. Who has ever seen that in our lifetime??

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May-17-13 7:13 AM

If it wasn't so sad it would be kind of funny. The government passes what they call the "affordable health care act" and it produces double digit inflation for health care cost. It is always affordable when you are using someone else's money. Must be part of the liberal mindset that we just have to "pay a little bit more" government mandates are nothing more than tax increases in the form of inflation.

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May-17-13 6:08 AM

Only our government can pass a law to make something more affordable and increase the cost by 20 percent. Once again the people that pay taxes are going to get taken to the cleaners. So when this increase of 200,000 happens next year I guess the money comes from the money tree.

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