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2 of 3 sirens won’t sound


July 26, 2013

Two of the three sirens used to warn residents about a possible tornado are not working, so people need to pay closer attention to weather reports, Service/Safety Director Ken Kenst said Thursday....

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Jul-28-13 12:21 PM

"After all, you're all about spending as few tax dollars as possible, and this is using those city employees already out on the streets on a Saturday to check it, thus smart spending."

Really? How about this? We change the test day and have the park or city workers do it? Instead of tying up the police so every criminal in the city knows that exactly at noon on Saturdays the police are tied up?

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Jul-28-13 11:34 AM

Instead of YOU worrying about what the police did or didn’t do or should be doing…maybe YOU should have paid attention to all the updates and warning the police department put out all day long on their Facebook page!

With all the technology at our disposal from cell phones, to tablets, computers and TV, that can be set up for Weather alerts and we still have to rely on the police to throw a siren for a Severe weather warning? You are kidding me right?

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Jul-28-13 11:33 AM

IT IS SAD ENOUGH OUR POLICE OFFICERS HAVE TO BE OUT THERE AS IS as if their LIVES MEAN NOTHING compared to your life. Hey how about this dumber idea? How about we get the FD to go camp out with those sirens? Instead of them readying their equipment and themselves to a possible tornado dropping in for a visit?

Just out of curiosity did you just happen to be one of the many morons that flooded the police department with phone calls wanting to know WHY the sirens went off? The calls that morons make to the police department that tie up lines preventing people to get assistance with an actual EMERGENCY!

And if YOU would have read the article what part of they had to be "activated manually" didn't you comprehend? Can’t imagine how that MANUAL ACTIVATION occurred can you?

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Jul-28-13 11:33 AM

Complaining? Sweetheart that wasn’t complaining that was sheer SARCASM to the morons that live in this town that THINK the police are OBLIGATED to protect them and their STUPIDITY. Those same morons that don't have the common sense to understand their own public safety start with THEM not the police. My comment was to them not YOU and what YOU were COMPLAINING about. Next time, don’t take it so personal with your smart mouth attack on me. NOW that YOU opened up that door…

….what is that utter nonsense you COMPLAINED about? Regularly stationed? Yep I can just see that happening. What do you want to do? Hire three more officers to be "stationed" there to pacify the morons. The threat of nasty weather and people will think the Cops got this covered I am going out for the day! Yes indeed, that is just a brilliant plan. Tying our police officers up instead of PATROLLING THE STREETS while the morons run free all over the city.

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Jul-28-13 1:20 AM

It actually makes perfect sense as to why the police should check on it, but you just like to hear yourself complain.

There is one department that is out on the road and about town at all hours, why wouldn't they be the ones to swing by on said route and perform a check? After all, you're all about spending as few tax dollars as possible, and this is using those city employees already out on the streets on a Saturday to check it, thus smart spending.

As for the rest of your senseless rambling, sure, people should have an idea of the weather situation before the sirens, and plenty of morons will ignore them because they think they're smarter than meteorologists (and use anecdotal evidence of that one time the weatherman said one thing and it didn't happen to back themselves up), but the city still has an obligation to inform the public of imminent danger, regardless of if the morons heed the advice or not.

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Jul-27-13 5:54 PM

I can't believe the Salem Police Department has to baby sit the weather for the idiots then have the responsibility of making sure those sirens work in the first place because the idiots don't have the common sense to take steps to ensure their own safety when it comes to nasty weather!

I don't know why the worry about these sirens anyhow. Even when they blast them the people are out about shopping, driving around the streets just like a normal sunny day!!!

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Jul-26-13 11:15 AM

I was surprised to read that police aren't regularly stationed to watch and listen for the siren to sound and rotate properly. I recall when I was playing youth baseball, and even umpiring it in the late '90s and early '00s that they always pulled in at about 11:55 to assure that it fired off properly. That definitely needs to be happening.

I'm pretty sure the Memorial Park one has been non-functioning (or at least not consistently working) during tests for a couple years now.

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