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The inalienable right not to be offended

May 25, 2014

In today’s America is there a more egregious crime than to offend someone? Utter the wrong word and you will be immediately indicted, convicted, and sentenced....

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May-25-14 5:20 AM

Another great and true article, Mr. Loesch. Keep them coming!

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May-25-14 12:54 PM

So, if someone were to point out the Mr. Loesch is only able to work at a branch campus because he's not a real professor, would that be un-PC? Or, the fact that he claims to be a Constitutional researcher, yet has no degrees outside of, I believe, business and running a search doesn't appear to have any published articles that are peer-reviewed, would that be un-PC? What about his ratemyprofessors page that shows how little his students respect him, would that be un-PC? I just don't want to be labelled "PC".

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May-25-14 2:24 PM

Did you even read the article? If so, what do you disagree with? Or is this the usual smear the person because you can't refute his points?

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May-27-14 6:55 PM

rentss - Thank you for validating my contention that anti-Constitutionalists must respond with personal attacks as they have no valid basis with which to argue their point. I assume by your comments you were attempting to convey that I am somehow unqualified to write about our constitutional freedoms. Let me educate you, the Constitution was written so the average citizen could understand it. To be valid, my musings on our liberty need not appear in peer-reviewed journals, which for the most part are created to serve as receptacles for the useless writings of self-absorbed academics. Also, the credits earned in my classes apply to college degrees the same as those earned on any other campus. It is interesting that you don’t display the character, conviction, or spine to sign your name to your comments. I’ll put my chin out there for you to take shots at. Try putting some substance behind your next effort.

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May-28-14 6:31 AM


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May-28-14 6:33 AM

Like your website, Mr. Loesch. Haven't read them all yet, but working on it.

Do you know Professor Salinski (Salinsky?) down in New Philly? His expertise is in exposing cultural Marxism... I think you'd like him.

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May-29-14 4:05 AM

Yes, too often truth is set aside for "fairness".

Tolerance only goes one direction, and just believing certain things are wrong puts the believer in the wrong.

How did we get to the point where not only can we not say something is wrong, to where just allowing and accepting behavior we personally may disagree with isn't enough, but we must embrace and affirm it?

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May-29-14 6:23 AM

Ask the 'progressive' Democrats, Q. Political correctness and social Marxism is what they are all about now.

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