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Letters to the editor

May 11, 2008
Salem News
Thanks for the cleanups

To the editor:

A great big thank you to Perry Township trustees and their hard-working employees for the cleanup that took place in April.

I just thought that there is a need for someone to say thank you. We always hear from those who criticize when things go wrong. But few say thanks when things go right.

P.S. Also have heard good things about the quick cleanup by the city of Salem after the ice storm this winter. Thanks to all!



Upset with Salem Police Dept.

To the editor:

"To protect and serve." This is the logo of our city's police department, and I sit here wondering just how they can bear their name.

My story is based around my daughter, who is only 3 years old. In this past year I will give a rundown of things that have occurred to me. Things that were never taken care of.

Twice within a four month period, the outside of my brand new leased car had been vandalized. Vandalized to the point where it would have to be repainted. That is a heavy price that I had to pay. Now one of the times the vandalism occurred in Perry Township, the other here in Salem limits.

Nothing was ever further done. The problem was, I knew who did it. I received a call from a person who threatened they would do what was done to my car. The Salem police received this information from me. No actions were taken.

Since then there had been multiple threats from this person toward my daughter and myself. Another thing is, the person involved in these crimes against me had made a report to the police department that my child’s arm was hurt; that she needed to go to the hospital. When the officer arrived at my house, he saw that my daughter’s arm was fine, nothing at all was wrong. The police department reported this issue to Children’s Services, but never reported back to them that her arm was fine. So, it continues on.

The last thing that has happened to my family is the thing that has made me prepare to move from this town. On a Friday night, my daughter and boyfriend were getting into my car to come pick me up from work. Instead of making it to my work, my boyfriend called me in panic. All I could hear was my daughter’s scream in the background and his voice saying “Something is burning our faces, it’s hard to breath, I can’t see.”

I called an ambulance for them. When I made it to the Salem Hospital I had found my daughter and boyfriend with faces that looked like they had some type of chemical burn. Thank God, my 3-year-old daughter was alright. What happened was my car had been sprayed through out the inside with mace. Once again I know who is doing this. Some reason, the Salem P.D. does not believe in investigating matters like this.

Here I am working and in school. I am trying to keep my daughter safe and healthy. What will happen next? I believe it will be something worse. If a person will spray my daughter’s car seat with mace, I am sure that this person will take it to the next level. This is a child’s life, and the Salem Police can not seem to handle these situations, maybe they don’t care to. The Salem residents pay the police department’s salary. How do they get away with not doing their job?

Leanna Skiba,


Prom Promise successful at SL

To the editor:

The Southern Local High School student body participated in Prom Promise in April and would like to give thanks to the Highlandtown first responders for organizing this event and to the local organizations that took part in making it a success.

As the prom season approaches, so does the risk of drinking and driving. On April 16th, the Prom Promise scenario was set up outside of the school to show students the dangers of driving under the influence of alcohol. The organizations that contributed include Highlandtown Volunteer Fire Department, Kerr-Pastore Funeral Home, Lifeteam Ambulance, State Highway Patrol, and STAT MedEvac.

The scene was a fatal car accident in which two students were under the influence of alcohol. Vehicles for this mock accident were provided by the Highlandtown VFD. The students involved in the mock accident were Brian Furbee (drunk driver); Herlinda Talbott (drunk passenger); Julie Sevek and Anna Forbes (passengers); Zach Lockhart (deceased passenger); Tony Pastore (innocent driver); and Zack Bowling and Doug Ansbach of the Highlandtown VFD.

At the scene, the drunk driver was arrested by an officer of the State Highway Patrol. The innocent driver, Tony Pastore, was life-flighted in a helicopter provided by STAT MedEvac. The injured passengers were treated on the scene by Lifeteam Ambulance. The student found “dead” on the scene was taken away in a hearse provided by the Kerr-Pastore Funeral Home.

We feel this program is an effective way of showing students that by driving under the influence, they are not only risking their own lives but those of their passengers and innocent drivers they might encounter along the way.



Southern Local High School

Staff and Student Body



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