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Letters to the editor

May 25, 2008
Salem News
Thanks to many but

hold the expired food

To the editor:

This letter is to thank all the generous people that donated food to the Post Office Food Drive on May 10.

As a food pantry director, I can say that all the food pantries in Salem are extremely grateful for the kindness to the pantries and their patrons. The need right now is great.

We get more and more people all the time. It is a costly venture to run a food pantry. We pray for God’s blessing on all who gave.

There is one issue, however, that I would like to address. Every year when we get our boxes of food, we have to sort it all and check every item for expiration dates.

We got 22 boxes of food this year and two full boxes had to be thrown out because they were several years out of date or were already opened. We cannot give food that is expired or opened. We have a contest every year to see who can find the oldest item. It’s usually something that is about 10 years old.

But this year, the winner really took the cake. We found a can of white meat chicken with a yellow label, a bubbled top, and an expiration date of 1983. That’s 25 years old!

Come on people. Have some real compassion. That kind of giving is not giving at all. Please check dates before you give. Throw it out at home instead of having us do it for you.

Every item we have to throw out is one more item we don’t have to give away. I understand that most of you gave perfectly good food with every good intention. For that we are grateful. But the ones who were just cleaning out their cupboards, shame on you. People that are down on their luck and need help from food pantries are people, too.

They are just in need of a little help. They are not worth less than the rest of us. They are worth good food that is edible.

Once again, thanks to all who gave out of the goodness of their hearts. Thanks to the post office for sponsoring the food drive.

Thanks to all the workers who gathered and distributed the food. We appreciate you. Keep up the good work.


Believer’s Christian Fellowship

Food Pantry Director,


Reflecting on the true

meaning of Memorial Day

To the editor:

Paradoxically, we are forgetting to remember Memorial Day.

Stemming from the Grand Army of the Republic’s (GAR) “Decoration Day” for the tombs of Civil War heroes, it bloomed to reverence for all lives lost in U.S. military-missions. We can’t afford its meaning to wither.

God breathed our liberty. His blessing sustains it, and it’s defended by the blood of our military-brethren.

Constitutionally, we are required to provide for a common defense. A defense requires defenders. Let us assure that we educate the young to know, comprehend, and wholeheartedly prize the armed-service and sacrifice of their elders and peers.

It is not vain, but virtuous to dutifully serve;

It is not vain, but virtuous to honor;

It is not vain, but virtuous to love your country.

So, on Memorial Day in deed and demeanor may:

US veterans remember,

US citizens reflect, and

We, together, teach all to revere!

“I only regret that I have but one life to give for my Country.” – Nathan Hale (School-teacher and Revolutionary War Hero).

Army Strong.



Thanks for all the help with DARE fund-raiser

To the editor:

I would like to take a moment to express my appreciation and thanks to the many community partners, merchants, professionals who donated their time and products to the Leadership of Columbiana County’s Class of 2007-2008 DARE fund-raiser.

Our net profit of $5,145.40 will be distributed among the 6 DARE programs within our county. Thank to the Stage Left Players, everyone had a great time!

As with any leader, it takes a team of individuals to assist in accomplishing the task at hand. I would like to thank my fellow classmates for their enthusiasm in completing our class project it was a huge success! As with any project challenges were encountered on the way, when working together, were successfully overcome with positive outcomes. Thank you Amanda for your guidance.

And lastly, a special thanks goes out to the 6 plus one DARE officers whom I’ve come to know during the course of our project. These fine men and women have contributed their time and energies into the success of the DARE programs. They should be commended for their work in wanting to help keep the children of our county off drugs and alcohol. Thank you!

Cindy L. Slavens

Leadership of Columbiana County,

Class of 2007-2008 ,

Project Manager



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