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December 21, 2008
Salem News

Recalling the wonders

of SHS 1959 basketball

To the editor:

The photo of the 1959 state runner-up basketball team and the article "Salem's best reunite" on Dec. 12 brought back so many wonderful memories.

I was 10 years old during that magical season, yet I-like many other Salem Quaker fans-remember it so vividly.

I recall the games in the SHS gym, the radio broadcasts on WSOM, and, of course, the victory celebrations in downtown Salem.

The members of that team were our heroes-then and now. I remember writing their names in my school notebook, being thrilled to meet them, and wanting to, someday, be like them.

Coach Cabas and Coach Zellers were legendary; they inspired us to be better, to do something great, to make Salem proud.

To everyone connected with that 1959 team, I offer a sincere "thank you." You gave our small town-and all the people in it-memories for a lifetime. Because of you and that season, the cheer "We're from Salem, couldn't be prouder" still rings true. You made the slogan "Love those Quakers" fit forever. Even today, 50 years later, we remember-and are grateful.

Proust said: "When to the sessions of sweet silent thought I summon up remembrance of things past . . ." For so many SHS alumni and fans, the 1959 Salem High basketball team makes that remembrance enjoyable, indeed.



Words of advice regarding

AAA membership

To the editor:

Today I received my 24th annual membership dues billing from AAA. It was for $58 for the basic membership. This amount did not seem out of line. But since the East Liverpool owners of the Columbiana County AAA decided to close the Salem office last year, I decided to do a little research. Since Salem is so close to Mahoning County, I called the Boardman office of AAA and asked how much their basic membership costs. The friendly Boardman AAA rep responded that it was only $49. I explained that I live in Salem and I am a resident of Columbiana County, could I join? She indicated she could not renew Columbiana County residents at the $49 Mahoning AAA Club fee. She also explained that all the eastern Ohio AAA Offices (Columbiana and Mahoning County AAAs) had recently been purchased by AAA of Western Pennsylvania. She suggested I call the new regional membership office in Independence (west side of Cleveland) and explain the dues situation to them.

I called the Cleveland office and spoke to an AAA membership rep. She understood my chagrin about the dues discrepancy and said there had been some problems since the takeover of the Eastern Ohio AAAs by the Western Pennsylvania group. She thought this would all be straightened out in the very near future. I appreciated her forthrightness and thanked her for her time. I then immediately called the Boardman office of AAA back and told them of my dues conversation with the regional office in Cleveland. The Boardman rep said "Some man from Salem just called about that!" I explained that I was the man. She said she had the Cleveland office on the line at this very minute. She then told me that the decision was just made to allow me to either mail my dues the regional office in Cleveland or pay directly in Boardman. I would only have to pay the $49 dues that the Mahoning County residents have been paying! I could send the statement in that says $58, pay $49 and be paid in full!

The friendly Boardman rep apologized for any confusion and inconvenience. She thanked me profusely for helping to save them "headaches down the road in the future." So my brethren Columbiana County AAA members take note. Send in your dues of $49 with glee! You've just saved $9 compliments of me!

Best Wishes for a Merry Christmas and a safe and Happy New Year!



Christmas giving for

elderly loved ones

To the editor:

Christmas is a time for reminiscing and pleasant memories.

Christmas is also a time when we want to remember is a special way older loved ones who helped to make those wonderful childhood holiday memories. Choosing just the right gift may be challenging, especially for a friend or relative that is in a nursing facility.

The most common gift for elderly nursing home residents is candy and cookies. Not the most appropriate gift for folks who are on special diets, have diabetes or other medical problems.

Another frequent gift choice are pajamas or nightgowns and slippers which are always welcome. However, be careful and safety-conscious when you purchase night clothes. All slippers need to fit snugly and have rubber soles to prevent slipping. Washable slippers are best. When purchasing night clothes, choose materials in cotton or flannel. Pajamas and nightgowns in smooth, silky materials can cause elderly residents to slip off the side of a bed or chair and fall as they try to get up. Cozy robes or housecoats are also welcome gifts for men and women.

A soft, washable sweater would keep Grandma or Grandpa warm all winter. Shawls and lap blankets are especially nice for folks confined to a wheelchair. Lap blanks are usually a 36x36 inch square of brightly colored warm washable material. If you are creative with a needle, embroider a design or name on the lap blanket.

If you have a few extra minutes this holiday season, make a family album. Just arrange a collection of photos from recent family events, like birthdays, picnics and vacations into a scrapbook. No need to make it fancy; just name those in the photo, the date and occasion. Your gift will become a priceless "Book of Memories" that can be enjoyed again and again. The book will also spark many conversations during visits.

If you prefer the electronic media, make a recorded message. During a family get together, ask each person to record a Christmas greeting or Holiday memory. Present the tape or CD to Great-aunt Susie who will enjoy listening again and again. Hearing the happy voices of loved ones, can make every day a holiday for an elderly nursing home resident.

Pressed for time? Some pretty note paper or a box of assorted greeting cards are always welcome. And, remember to include a book of postage stamps to allow a nursing home resident to keep in contact with friends and relatives. How how about a subscription to a monthly magazine. Receiving a colorful magazine for a year is a gift to bring interest and enjoyment throughout the coming months. Or consider a newspaper subscription from a nursing home resident's home town.

Be careful when considering fragranced lotions and soaps, especially for Alzheimer's patients. Personal care items that smell like fruits or food like peach, vanilla or chocolate, could tempt a confused person to eat the wrong thing. Some fragranced skin care items also can cause allergies. A better choice may be a fragranced plug-in for the room.

Many nursing home residents who can no longer enjoy television because of poor vision would love a portable radio or CD player with a variety of music to play throughout the year.

Also popular are large size playing cards and word-search or crossword puzzle books with large print.

Most nursing facilities have a beauty shop or barbershop and a gift certificate for a hair style or haircut is usually much appreciated. Some activities departments will also issue gift certificates for programs or events scheduled in the coming year.

Some facilities also allow decorations on the door to the residents' rooms. Families may want to contract with a local floral or gift shop to deliver a seasonal door decoration a few times a year.

If Grandma, Grandpa or Great-Aunt Susie are still on your Christmas shopping list, you are welcome to call the Crandall Medical Center/Copeland Oaks Community Information Center at 330-938-6126 for more suggestions.


Copeland Oaks

Community Information,




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