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Our readers write...

March 8, 2009
Salem News

Upset with column

To the editor:

With sadness and anger, this Salem News consumer read a passage in the February 22 "Roses & Thorns" editorial commentary. The passage was presented as a "rose," but explicitly included a destructive message.

The recipient of the praise was Carriage Hill, also known as Fresh Mark. The writer lauded the company for its expansion and high employment numbers in these difficult times. However, wasting little ink, the second sentence, stated even before the explanation of the praise, contained a blatantly nasty diatribe: "Ok, first off, forget the snickers at least for a moment - the bitterness some carry out there for certain members of the work force there. You all know what we mean." In reading those words, I felt and continue to feel deep shame for the Salem News.

To single out a population in this derogatory manner serves no positive purpose. Rather, the opposite prevails: the words are discriminatory and the comments fan flames of prejudice and ill will. One wonders why these words were printed at all.

The targeted population referred to in the article not only earns their own medical benefits, but also pays taxes. To single out these, or any, Carriage Hill employees for working is unreasonable, to say the very least.

Regularly, the Salem News publishes its "Letters Policy" on the editorial pages. The reader learns each time that "The editor retains the right to refuse any letter for print. The editor retains the right to edit any letters . . . ." How sad that the editor chose to publish such a statement - imbedded in praise, no less.

Mr. Creer, yes, I "know what you mean." And, Mr. Creer, you owe the employees of Carriage Hill an apology for the extremely offensive remarks published in the Salem News.

Susan Cope,


Concerned parent writes

To the editor:

I am a parent in the Leetonia School District that is concerned about the safety of our children that will be walking to school. I want to share a situation that happened today (Feb. 27) as my children and my niece were getting off the bus.

The bus had stopped at the end of my driveway like always and as my two daughters and my niece were getting off the bus a very impatient driver decided he wasn't going to wait for the bus and drove around the bus. The lights and the stop sign were lit and the girls were just waiting to get the signal from the bus driver to cross when he passed the bus. Thanks to the quick thinking of the bus driver the girls were not across the road and in the path of the car.

The school board is putting a lot of our children on the streets to walk to school in situations that are not safe for them. I am asking you to reconsider this and get these buses back on the roads for the safety of the children. As I learned today it is not safe out there for them to be walking with no sidewalks and on streets with 55 mph speed limits. This is no longer an issue of the levy it is an issue of safety. You as a board have lost a lot of faith of the parents in this school district. I am not even affected by the bus cuts directly because my children will still be riding the bus, but I care about the children in this community and I do not want to see anything happen to them. I am now speaking out about this and I am now fighting for these buses.

They are just as important as the teachers in the school. Please reconsider this, I know you can bring them back any time. We almost lost three students in the school and the worst has not even begun.

As for the man who passed the bus and almost hit my kids-if you are reading this I want you to know that I did get your license plate number and I did turn it in to the state highway patrol. It is only a matter of time before they find you and no punishment will be strict enough as far as I am concerned.

As for the woman and her son that stopped to make sure that I got the license number, I want to thank you for that. I know that there are good people out there and we need as many as we can get right now.



Shouldn't be a surprise

To the editor:

In our opinion, the Leetonia School District has done an outstanding job of keeping the community informed about the financial situation and the levy. Prior to the construction of the new building, the financial projection with and without the new building was made public.

In 2002, then Superintendent Inchak addressed every household in the school district about the "target date" of 2009-2010 for fiscal emergency. He did this through the Bear Facts newsletter that was (and is) sent out via the mail to the parents of every child in the school.

The financial crisis was also covered at public school board meetings and then published in the local newspapers. In addition to this, our children have frequently brought home detailed information about the need for the levy. Sometimes it was a paper stapled to our daughter's planner or a flyer brought home by our boys.

We really cannot understand how our school's financial status can be a surprise to some. Maybe it is not a surprise but a denial and the cutting of the bus service was the reality shock.

Unfortunately, unless the levy passes, our children will suffer the cruelest reality shock when they are no longer students of Leetonia, but are displaced students at a neighboring school. If this happens the community will also have to absorb the higher tax levies of that school district. And remember some of the neighboring school districts pay a school income tax-we do not. For those that want to vote the levy down, you may vote yourself out of a voice for future school levy taxes.

This is not what we want for our children or our community. If there is no school, is there really a community?


Leetonia alumni and parents of three Leetonia students

Tax increase would help

To the editor:

Leetonia school levy, you had someone write in that it could be worse, we could have an income tax taken out of your pay. Whoever wrote this should do some research. If there were an income tax taken out all of the stores, bars in Leetonia and Washingtonville would be paying so much more into the system. Which is what we need correct? Besides that, look around Leetonia and Washingtonville how many houses are empty because of foreclosure? There will be no income from those properties. How many properties are rentals; those people aren't paying either. If it were an income tax at least it would only affect those who work. Besides, how many households have more than one income? Just think how much more that would help the district. And since I know you're probably wondering yes I do have a job and I would vote for an income tax!



Happy with her decision

To the editor:

When I came to Leetonia eight years ago, I did not even know where Leetonia schools were, it was just a sign that I would pass in Washingtonville on Route 14. Now, I consider it a second home. My friends are here, both staff and parents. We have helped each other through our losses and cheered each other at our accomplishments.

As our son, Alex was getting ready for kindergarten, we chose Leetonia. Nothing against Salem, I love living there; but Leetonia seemed the right place for him to start his education. We were right in our decision. He is happy and getting an awesome well-rounded education. And he is so proud to be a Bear. I dread telling him that he may not continue to be a Bear or graduate as one.

My family as well as everyone in the country is affected by the terrible economy. And it is so hard to put out more money when we are hurting. But, our children are our most important assets. If everyone could see what these kids are learning and how they are growing and how happy they are, the money will be worth it.

I regret not being a Leetonia resident for the simple fact that I could not vote for the levy. I tried to make up for that by making phone calls to parents back in the fall, letting them know what we have and can not lose. I wear my Support Leetonia shirt, and I was a part of the neighborhood walk to pass out pamphlets. Of course, I pray for our school. I love and support this school and everyone in it.



Some well-deserved praise

To the editor:

Do you follow the Salem High School's girls' basketball team? If you don't, you should give it a try! These girls are awesome! However, I am not writing this letter to influence you to see just how great they are. All you have to do is attend a game sometime and they will show you that themselves.

I am writing to give well-deserved credit to the team's two "water girls," Macie Davidson and Kasey Jamison (sorry girls if I misspelled your names). These two young ladies attend all the games that they can and do an absolute wonderful job taking care of the team's every need. I watch them run back and forth to fill up water bottles the whole entire game. They even go as far as to know who is going in and who is coming out and they are right there with that player's bottle.

I never see a Salem player, as I've seen other school's players, struggle to find their bottle or have to get up to go get their own drink. This, in my opinion, makes them two busy, little bees that are great at what they do.

Being so young, these two girls seem to have an astounding work ethic instilled in them, which will be such a positive characteristic to have as adults. Their parents should be so proud! Thank you girls for being such an important part of the team and doing such a great job! Keep up the good work!



Supports EFCA

To the editor:

The Employee Free Choice Act (EFCA) is the current boogeyman of business and the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, taking the place of its usual frightening scenario of raising the minimum wage.The EFCA allows workers to join a union by simply signing cards. If a majority of the employees sign and the National Labor Relations Board validates the cards, then the company must recognize and bargain with the union. To hear companies like Wal-Mart and McDonald's explain the proposal, it's the end of the world, when all it really does is level a playing field that's been entirely tilted toward employers for decades. Those days are over.

The EFCA does not take away the right to a secret ballot election. This is the main lie being spread by the opponents of the proposal. As if they truly care about that right anyway. The choice will belong to the workers, as it should. If one third of them want the NLRB to conduct an election instead of the cards, then they can request a secret ballot election. Another scare tactic is saying that passage of the bill will result in massive disinvestment in the United States by business. Haven't they been doing that for years without a hint of conscience anyway?

What employees who desire to join a union have to go through now is a disaster. Companies will intimidate, coerce and fire people who try to organize a union and present labor law is powerless to stop them. One side,the business side has all the power when workers desire to better themselves. The facts don't lie. Workers are fired in 25 percent of all private sector union organizing campaigns and 78 percent of companies require supervisors to deliver anti-union messages to their workers. Even after workers fight the war to join a union almost 50 percent of the time they are unable to get a contract. Employers have turned the NLRB process into management controlled balloting, which of course is exactly the way they like it.

There wasn't a middle class in the United States until unions were organized and their millions of members created it. Many leading economists believe that more, not less union workers is the only thing that will save what remains of the middle class. More than half of workers say they would join a union today if given a fair chance. That's what the EFCA would give them. A fair chance. This won't be an easy battle.The anti-union forces have already pledged over 200 million to defeat hard working Americans struggling to make ends meet in this horrible economy while they pocket millions in bonuses. They are terrified of changing the balance of power. Of course,the consequences of their version of the balance of power is evident all around us and it's not good. Contact your representatives and the White House and turn up the pressure to make the Employee Free Choice Act the law of the land. It has the support of 78 percent of the public. Don't believe the same old song and dance from those who oppose giving workers a better life.





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