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Our readers write...

April 5, 2009
Salem News

Believing in Southern Local

To the editor:

"We Believe"-Southern Local's motto-was definitely on full display at the district showcase on March 26. It was wonderful to see so many people from the community present to look at what our children are learning and doing at their school. Each classroom had something on display. Our daughter could not wait to show off her mini-museum project for second grade.

Traveling around through the school it just made you feel good that these children are learning things and how excited they were to to share it with everyone that was present that night.

To those of you who still doubt what Southern Local can do remember-you get out of something what you put into it! I challenge everyone who says awful things about Southern Local to go to the school. Get involved! The education of your children, grandchildren, nieces, and nephews is one of the most important things that they can achieve. They need your help too. Volunteer, join the PTO, just do something! You might be amazed at the results.

Most importantly vote yes for the levy coming up in November. These children are our future and they are certainly worth it!



Thanks from Cub Scout Pack 2

To the editor:

The senior leadership team of Salem Cub Scout Pack 2 would like to extend our sincerest thanks and appreciation to Mayor Wolford, Council President Tod Mumpire, Clerk Judy Allio, and all of the Salem City Council representatives for graciously allowing our Wolf Scouts to lead The Pledge of Allegiance prior to the commencement of the March 17 council meeting at city hall.

The boys have been actively studying flag respect and etiquette as part of an ongoing skills progress and rank advancement requirement, and the gracious hospitality shown by city council prior to the meeting further reflected an extremely positive image on the scouts!

Additionally, it was extremely advantageous for the boys to witness "first hand" the organizational hierarchy of Salem city government and its elected office holders, respectively.

Once again, "thank you" to all of our municipal leaders for providing our scouts with this opportunity, and for continuously supporting the local BSA packs and troops in Salem!


Pack 2 Cub Master


Assistant Cub Master


Committee and Advancement


Outraged by dismissals

To the editor:

This letter is concerning teachers being dismissed at the Beaver Local Schools and the manner in which they were dismissed. I am absolutely outraged at what I have read about this incident and I want to hold those who are responsible accountable for their actions. In the past year I have witnessed this school board and Sandra DiBacco trying to force the agenda of a new school down the throats of the taxpayers. Thousands and thousands of dollars have been spent on drawings of this proposed new school. Exactly how much money has been spent on these architectural drawings is unknown, since I can't get a straight answer from either the board or Ms. DiBacco.

I attended 12 years at Beaver Local School. I remember that it was the teachers that taught me everything that I learned. Even to this day I reflect back to what those teachers, such as Mrs. Vacar and Mr. Sturgeon, had impressed upon me in class. I never learned anything from a building. It appears that the school board and Ms. DiBacco have lost sight of the fact that dedicated teachers are what make the difference in a student's education. We do not have good teachers at Beaver Local School. We have excellent teachers at Beaver Local School.

While we can't afford to keep the teachers at Beaver Local, it seems that we are able to maintain a myriad of management positions at exorbitant salaries at Beaver Local, which includes a school superintendent that is paid $90K+, an assistant school superintendent that is paid nearly as much and an assistant treasurer just to name a few. The main skill that the superintendent seems to possess is the almost legendary ability to alienate teachers and to anger the voting majority in the school district. After the school levy (to build a new school) was defeated five times, the voting majority wouldn't even vote to pass the operating budget for the school. It was defeated, but was later passed by the voting majority. Some members of the management at the school indicated that the operating levy failed because the voters thought that they were going to have to pay more money. I know that this levy was defeated purposely to send a clear message to the school board. This was a warning and I hope that it got their attention. I, for one, would not mind spending a few hundred dollars extra a year in taxes if it meant keeping these teachers. However, I will not spend $1,300 a year on a new $63,000,000 school building that we don't need. Whether the funds for the new school were to come from federal, state or local taxes, the money is still coming out of taxpayer's pockets. Everyone needs to remember that.

This school district has a very unique history and has a claim to fame that no other district can boast. On a small boulder in front of Calcutta Elementary School is a plaque which points out one of the most significant facts in the history of education. Though it remains largely unnoticed, the plaque is dedicated to William H. McGuffey, who started a small school house here in 1817. Though it was a ragged old building that he started out in, and even though his pay wasn't very high, he taught school and did it well. He wrote a series of books that later taught the entire nation how to read. Sales of these books (The McGuffey Reader and McGuffey Primer) were sold throughout the United States and abroad. The only other two books that had more copies printed were the Bible and Webster's Dictionary.

This man was a teacher. All that he needed was a one-room school house and his God-given abilities as a teacher. He taught the entire nation. We now seem to be in an upside-down world where the teachers are expendable and everything else is important.

I encourage the voters in this district to email me to form a united front. Please send your emails to Please type "Take Back Beaver Local" in the subject line.


East Liverpool



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