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August 9, 2009
Salem News

Thanks to strangers

To the editor:

We were involved in an accident Thursday July 9 at Maple and Park Avenue.

There were two ladies sitting in the park that witnessed the accident.

We don't know your names but we want to "thank you" both for your kindness, concern and help.

Thanks again and may God bless you both.




Another act of kindness

To the editor:

There are honest, kind people in Salem.

My sisters and I ate at BB Rooners Friday evening. I walk with a cane and almost fell when getting in the car to leave.

I didn't realize I had dropped my purse until we returned to Lisbon.

Some kind person found it and turned it in to BB Rooners and they called to tell me they were holding it for me.

I don't know who found it but thank I them them for their kindness and I appreciate BB Rooners' kindness in calling me.

What nice people!

Ruth Ann Bailey,


Elks appreciates support

To the editor:

On Sunday, July 19, Salem Elks Lodge 305 held its eighth annual poker run to benefit cerebral palsy.

Because of the generosity of many local businesses and individuals, our lodge was quite successful in raising money to combat cerebral palsy by way of therapy, equipment, research and other means.

We would like to thank the following sponsors for their help in making this event successful:

Floyd and LuAnne McCartney, Expert Tire, Insta Copy, Suburban Market, AMVETS Post 45, Beltempo Insurance, Painting by Jack, Mike Fisher Roofing, Kitchen Klassics, Ricky's English Pub, Jalisco's, Mason's Steak House, BB Rooners, Quaker Village Market, Christy's Barbershop, Walmart, Kendrick's Corner, Custom Images, Castle Chemicals, Stadium GM, Greenwood Chevy, Salem Oil and Propane, Western and Southern Life Insurance, Julian Electric, Chris Atkinson and Carol, Freshmark, Charter One Bank, Colian Electric, Key Bank, Char Monigold, Consumers National Bank, Salem Massotherapy, East of Chicago Pizza, Sinsley Towing, Salem Hills Golf Club, Overkill Motorworks, Gary Wadlow Painting, Visiting Angels, Giannios Candy, Side Door Restaurant and Lounge, Hickory Rib, CMI EFCO, Krebs Vending Inc., Jeff Cushman, Beaver Excavating, Don Sobotka (Herron Foods) Westville Lake Golf Club, Frank's Speedy Wash, Burtnett Flooring, Salem and Columbiana Chrysler Jeep, Dodge, Bad Boy Tattoo, Cornie's Steak House, Fernengel's Tavern and Paetyn Howell.

We would also like to thank the Salem Police Department for their assistance, and all those who donated their time and effort in preparing and serving food, checking poker hands, registration, selling T-shirts, set-up and clean-up, and every aspect of the event.

Lastly, we thank all those who rode in the run (many of which have been there every year). This fund raiser would not have been possible without the help of all those listed.



Words for congressman

To the editor:

Time to tell congress: The following is a letter I wrote to Congressman Charlie Wilson

Congressman Wilson,

I am writing to let you know as one of your constituents I am very concerned about the healthcare issue that is before the House of Rep's now.

Although I would agree some reform maybe needed, I do not agree that government is the vehicle that can do the best job of reforming it.

I liken this to auto insurance, life insurance etc., I am bombarded nightly on my TV set with ads to buy both from many competitors (privately owned companies).

It is what is known as competition, or companies trying to compete to get my insurance dollars.

With all those different ones to choose from, it brings the cost down. Auto insurance is at its all-time cheapest.

This is what is needed for healthcare, private companies advertising on my TV every night trying to compete for my healthcare dollars.

It is not government's job to provide me with healthcare nor is it within constitutional bounds for you to assume you have the power to do so.

I get a way better deal on car insurance because government is not in control of it. Please keep that in mind as you vote against this massive healthcare debacle.

I, of course, am assuming that you know you do not have the enumerated power to do this, so you will, of course, be voting against this.

If you choose not too, then know that I will actively campaign against you, and actively support anyone who opposes you in the next election, and agrees that government is to be limited in its powers to take individual freedoms from us Ohioans.

This is an attempt to take control of 20 percent of our economy by people who tend not to even read the bills they sign. This is, of course, a violation of the office that any representative holds. We need you to read all bills before you vote.

I do thank you for voting against "cap and trade," but you need to vote against this massive healthcare legislation. Limited-self government is what our founders had in mind, please keep in mind that your first responsibility is to preserve and protect our freedom to be individuals.

Being forced to be "communal" and pigeon-holed into a one-size fits all plan, is not anyone's idea of "individual freedom."

You guys and gals in congress have made a habit lately of ignoring your constituents (I read the polls too) and this has to stop. You represent (all) of us, but from everything I am reading, you are not listening to the "majority."

You see the tea parties. I am sure you listen to the news and polls so I know you are aware that most Americans know that something is way off track here.

The left wing of the Democratic party has taken over your party and is slowly trying to pull us into a socialized society.

You must stand your ground and not let this happen before it is too late. Please vote no on healthcare.

If there is any reform needed it is to get government out of the healthcare industry. It has no business being there.





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